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Kentucky Cannabis Seeds

The best marijuana seeds for Kentucky

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Kentucky Seed Bank  

Kentucky is a wonderfully fertile place to grow weed. Most of the state is in zone 6, which means mild winters, and the climate is relatively temperate with plenty of rain. The soil in Kentucky is also quite fertile with sufficient drainage making it well-loved by various plants. 

Onion, peas, cucumbers, and garlic are great vegetables to grow in Kentucky. Summers are warm and humid, making them excellent for growing veggies, especially squash and peppers. Fruits such as sassafras berries and plums acclimate well to the climate in Kentucky and have ample strength to endure the winter months. Marijuana seeds that can withstand a bit of humidity and like heat are best in this southern climate.

Although Kentucky has a great climate for growing cannabis, you’ll likely have a hard time buying local marijuana seeds in Kentucky. The best way to obtain cannabis seeds in this state is by having seeds delivered to Kentucky with seed bank shipping. Reliable online seed banks like ILGM ensure discreet shipping procedures to deliver pot seeds in Kentucky. Rest assure your time spent searching for and buying marijuana seeds will not be wasted. 

Kentucky Marijuana Seeds 

People need better options for purchasing trusted, top-quality cannabis seeds. For growers in Kentucky, a seed bank is not something made of brick and mortar that they can visit in person. Instead, it exists primarily on the world wide web, where they can peruse all the different options available and pick the best cannabis seeds. Simply put, if you want to grow cannabis in Kentucky, a seed bank online is your only option.

Whether you are looking for the best feminized seeds in Kentucky or something with a specific kind of effect or flavor, ILGM’s online shop has got you covered. You can peruse all the different cannabis seeds while knowing full well that they will all be high quality. The thing is, purchasing high-quality marijuana seeds for sale are an absolute must for Kentucky growers. Do not waste your efforts, money, and time wasted on poor-quality cannabis seeds for sale - they are simply not worth the time.

So what are high-quality cannabis seeds? They germinate easily and thrive throughout their lifecycle. Bad weed seeds might be too old or have their outer protective layer destroyed and be too damaged, or they might simply have bad genetics. If their genetics are bad, they may grow poorly throughout their life cycle, often with a disappointing harvest at the end, but they could still germinate fine. Other bad marijuana seeds will not germinate at all, to begin with, which means a total waste of all the resources that went into buying those weed seeds and setting everything up. 

That’s why buying from a reliable seed bank is so important in Kentucky; you receive the best marijuana seeds, which means the plants will germinate better and be easier to grow. They also tend to have better genetics. Better yet, ordering to Kentucky with a seed bank online lets you peruse all sorts of different marijuana seeds that you might not have access to otherwise. You can check out the details about each strain and what climate it suits best, as well as whether it is suitable for beginner growers or more experienced people.

 One of the best aspects of ordering from a website like ILGM is that you can also read the comments from other people who buy cannabis seeds and tried growing them themselves. They can give you some additional tips or show you that it is indeed as good as its description, so you can rest assured knowing that those weed seeds are worth the money.

Buying Pot Seeds in Kentucky: What You Should Consider 

When you are buying cannabis seeds in Kentucky, you will want to be sure about what you’re choosing. This applies to everyone, whether they are looking to be growing the best auto seeds in Kentucky or whether they just want some easy to grow, fun seeds. There are a few main characteristics that you should consider if you want to buy marijuana seeds online. 

Below, we talk about three of them: climate, expertise, and the seed bank you’re ordering from. The climate is primarily important for outdoor growers; however, it’s also essential to pay attention to which marijuana seeds grow well indoors. Expertise has more to do with you than the marijuana seeds themselves, and this is the time when you should be honest about your skills rather than arrogant. Finally, the seed bank you buy seeds from is everything when it comes to their quality.


The critical thing to think about when considering climate is your local climate. Which seeds grow best in your climate? Kentucky has a temperate climate, so you should buy cannabis seeds that grow well in temperate climates. IGLM has a sorting option for perusing marijuana seeds that fit into that category -- you can check it out to see if any strains might surprise you.

Of course, growing indoors is always an option and is something we recommend to growers in Kentucky.  Indoor gardens grow year-round, which can be helpful for anyone who does not want to adhere to the seasonal schedule strictly. As you’re starting your search for the perfect cannabis seeds, we recommend checking out feminized Zkittles seeds. This strain is very easy to grow and is super low maintenance in general. It is also fast-flowering, meaning you’ll have more harvests in a shorter time.


Now is the time to be honest with yourself: how good are you at growing marijuana? Or, perhaps more accurately, how often have you grown it yourself? If the answer is “never,” then you’re a beginner. Even if you have already done tons of research, you are still a beginner grower who should start with beginner seeds. Trust us; this is not the time to be cocky, as you will only suffer for it. 

There are many amazing beginner-friendly strains. ILGM makes them easy to find by listing the difficulty of all of its strains. That means, you can buy seeds of the highest quality strain and successfully cultivate it even if it is your first attempt at growing. We suggest downloading the free Marijuana Grow Bible to improve your skills further, before you try to grow marijuana for the first time.

Seed Bank  

The seed bank you purchase from is also super important. If you order from a seed bank that does not have a proven history or much experience, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Even if you just want some plain vanilla easy cannabis seeds rather than the best feminized seeds in Kentucky, it could turn out that they will not germinate, or they will be unhealthy during their whole life cycle. 

A sketchy seedbank will make your life more difficult and will simply make the growing season much less fun. On top of all that, especially for growers in Kentucky, seed bank shipping is very important. You need a seed bank that knows how to ship discreetly, which, luckily, ILGM can (and does) do.

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in Kentucky 

ILGM is the best place to purchase your marijuana seeds in Kentucky. The website itself is not only clear and easy to use, but it also is super informative. You can sort by various aspects of the strain that you’re looking for, whether that be the weather (temperate in Kentucky), the strain (indica or sativa), the flavors (citrus, skunk, or something else), or something else (auto flowering, feminized, etc.).

Better yet, ILGM has decades (yes, multiple decades) of experience getting growers their seeds, no matter where they are living. They will gladly ship your weed seeds to your doorstep in a way that does not arouse suspicion at all, making it safe and easy for you as the grower.

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Kentucky 

The only downside to having so many different, epic strains at your fingertips is that it can be really difficult to decide which one to start with. Even if you already know you have the goal of purchasing the best auto seeds in Kentucky, how do you decide which of the many auto options will be the best ones? Luckily we have provided a list of the five top-selling cannabis seeds below, so you can read about some that are worth keeping your eye on.

Blue Dream Seeds 

Blue Dream is a strain that is best grown indoors, although some parts of Kentucky will do well growing outdoors as well. The main thing you want to consider with this strain is that it could end up getting a mite infestation. Avoid this by maintaining a sterile indoor grow space. It also grows to be quite tall, which can attract unwanted attention when you are growing outdoors.

Durban Poison Seeds 

Durban Poison is well known for its pure sativa landrace genes (100%). It has THC levels of up to 20%, and it will boost your mood and focus like nothing else. It does best indoors - specifically in a hydroponics setup. This means that it is not ideal for beginner growers, especially if they are not intimately familiar with how hydro grows work. 

Hydroponics grows leave less room for error. This means you could accidentally mess up your plants on total accident, simply because you are less experienced. Soil grows have a bigger room for error.

Hindu Kush Seeds 

Hindu Kush marijuana seeds like warmth, but they also prefer air that is on the drier side. This means that you should both grow indoors and also be acutely aware of the humidity levels at all times -- you can keep an eye by measuring it with a hygrometer. 

One solid reason to try growing Hindu Kush is that it works really well in smaller spaces because of its compact size. This fact makes it very convenient for indoor growing. It is also an easy strain to grow in general, so it is a good choice for beginners. Hindu Kush is another 100% indica strain, although not a landrace, and it has THC levels of up to 18%. 

White Widow Seeds 

White Widow is an incredible strain well known throughout the world, both among recreational users of marijuana and growers everywhere. It has 60% indica and 40% sativa genes and THC levels of up to 19%. It is beloved by all because of its easy-going high that gives you a powerful mental buzz and makes you feel euphoric and uplifted. Lots of people like to smoke it while being socially active.

White Widow is also special because it comes in many different varieties by now. You can grow its “regular” feminized strain variety, which has normal photosensitive genes. You can also grow the autoflower version, which will flower faster, is more compact, and doesn’t need light changes to start flowering. Or you can grow the version of White Widow that is higher in CBD.

Gorilla Glue Autoflower Seeds 

Gorilla Glue is a straight shot, 50/50 indica/sativa that doesn’t mess around. It has super high THC levels of up to 26%, almost as high as it gets. It is an awesome strain for beginners to grow because it puts up with all sorts of environmental stressors, and it is highly resistant to mold and rot. That means that it will do just fine if you grow it in a more humid environment. Because it is an autoflower, the plant is compact and small, and it will flower quickly. All these factors make Gorilla Glue a great choice for beginners.

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