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Montana Cannabis Seeds

Montana Cannabis Seeds

The best marijuana seeds for Montana

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About Montana cannabis seeds

Congratulations Montana! You passed the Marijuana Legalization Initiative in late 2020, which means you can enjoy marijuana in Montana whenever you desire. Weed is legal in this state. Despite a lack of dispensaries (expect them in 2022), you can possess, consume, and cultivate pot plants in the State of Montana with a few minor restrictions.

If you are 21 or older, you can possess or purchase up to 1 ounce of cannabis flower or 8 grams of concentrate. However, the State of Montana allows those with a specific license to possess and purchase more. The recreational use of weed is legal, however it is illegal to drive under the influence. In this state, you can consume weed safely inside any private residence.

Without any dispensaries around and since you can not transport any marijuana across state lines, it’s a good idea to consider growing your own pot. Best of all, it is legal to cultivate up to four cannabis plants and four seedlings on your property. The easiest way to buy the Best Feminized Seeds in Montana is online through ILGM. It’s super affordable, functional, and fun!

Montana Marijuana Seeds 

Prior to legalization, registered participants benefited from legal marijuana for therapeutic use. However, they still faced extreme difficulties due to criminal possession laws. So marijuana was and is still scarce in Montana. That’s why you may not find much diversity among cannabis plants, nor will you find good quality Montana cannabis seeds.

Most Montana residents have stopped waiting for dispensaries to open and decided instead to seek a Montana seed bank. They’re finding what they need online because there’s much more variety. You can grow nearly any strain depending on your climate and skill level.  You can also find the Best Auto Seeds in Montana online.  These marijuana seeds are preferred because they are the easiest and quickest to reach harvest. Mix that with the ideal environment for germination and cultivation, and you got yourself a success.

For the best-quality marijuana, you should know a little about your cannabis seeds. Most expert growers will tell you to start with feminized marijuana seeds since they will, without question, turn into buds. If not, you could end up with a male or hermaphrodite cannabis plant in your garden. This scenario is challenging for a first-timer. That is why we never recommend random bag seeds since you never really know what you are getting.

A lot of inexperienced cultivators never assume there’s a problem with the marijuana seeds. If they fail to germinate or grow successively, they get discouraged and give up. How can you tell good quality cannabis seeds apart from bad quality ones? How do you recognize good seeds if someone were to hand you some pot seeds in Montana? 

First of all, you want to avoid old or pale cannabis seeds. Older cannabis seeds are much more difficult to germinate than fresh ones. As they age, they become resistant to growth. In other words, they will not germinate. How do you know if the seeds are old? You may think old equals pale, but that is actually not the case. You can luck out with flimsy and pale marijuana seeds, so don’t associate the age of the seeds with their exterior look. However, why would you risk it in the first place? 

Instead of inspecting random seeds, simplify your life and purchase autoflowering Cannabis seeds for Montana growing. When you find a trusted Montana seed bank online that sells the Best Feminized Seeds in Montana you can rest assured that your marijuana seeds will sprout, and they won’t be males. When you buy marijuana seeds online you reduce a lot of risks. In fact, some seedbanks, such as ILGM, will even ship new Pot seeds to Montana if they don’t germinate. 

Buying Pot Seeds in Montana: What You Should Consider 

A general rule when growing marijuana in Montana is to first choose a strain or strains that suits your climate. Montana has a diverse environment; therefore, a strain that does well in the mountains may not do well in the river valleys. So, for your first grows, if you are growing outdoors, order a few different strains in, so you can find the ones that do best in your area.

Generally, and this is an area of heated debate, indoor-grown marijuana tends to be of a higher quality than outdoor-grown marijuana. Indoor growing lets you control temperature, light intensity, and the number of hours of light, humidity, and watering. In parts of Montana, where cold temperatures persist into early summer, indoor-growing fills the void of those missing warmer months. Starting an outdoor garden indoors will produce a sizeable crop.

Now that you know some basics, it is time for the nitty-gritty of buying and growing Cannabis seeds Montana.  The seeds’ quality and how fitting they are to your needs are the most important things to consider before purchasing; however, here are three other aspects to consider before purchasing marijuana seeds. 


First up, when growing outdoors, the weather determines a lot in terms of success. Montana has two halves, each with unique climates. In the western part of the state, expect cool summers and mild winters. However, in the eastern part of the state, the summers are pretty warm, and the winters are pretty cold. Overall, the climate around the state can vary tremendously, so you should understand your local area to decide which marijuana seeds are best. 

Indoors, you can create your plant’s ideal environment. You can use heaters and humidifiers to create a tropical setting for sativas or air conditioning and plenty of light for indicas. An indoor garden also means you can grow marijuana all year round.

For Montana, we recommend an Indica strain like Blue Cheese since it can grow indoors or outdoors. It’s also super low maintenance, especially if you give it the right environment to flourish and purchase only feminized marijuana seeds. Blue Cheese is perfect for outdoor growing in Montana’s eastern part since it loves a continental climate. It’s also mold-resistant, which means you have one less thing to worry about.  


Another thing to consider when buying Marijuana seeds in Montana is how good are you at growing weed. Be honest with yourself. Have you grown marijuana before? Some of the most experienced growers still may not know much about growing marijuana. 

You need to educate yourself on the cannabis plant itself. Learn about its required climate, and the proper care it needs to flourish. We recommend reading and researching everything you can. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it is always helpful to brush up on your information. But to save you the trouble of getting lost on Google, we recommend you just download and read our simple yet informative Free Marijuana Grow Bible.

Seed Bank

Now that you know everything you need to know about marijuana growing, it is time to buy cannabis seeds. Finding the best marijuana seeds in Montana is tricky. You don’t want to spend a whole bunch of time and invest a lot of effort trying to grow male or old seeds. That's why you should buy marijuana seeds online from a reputable seed bank to get you on the right track.

When you are looking for a Montana seed bank online, you want to be sure it has all the variety possible so you can weigh your options. That way, you can experiment and try new things instead of settling for what is already there. You also need to make sure they have good quality marijuana seeds that will germinate easily and grow quickly, so you don’t jump through hoops trying to grow bad seeds.

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in Montana 

ILGM sells the best auto seeds in Montana. You’ll find everything you need to buy marijuana seeds and learn about growing marijuana. There's also a large variety of marijuana seeds for sale, and even some seed growing supplies. With a little work, you’ll have everything you need to become a pro. It is probably the most reliable Montana seed bank out there!

You can’t grow wrong with  ILGM’s online store, even if you are a beginner. Between the forum and the customer service, you can rest assured your needs are met, and you’ll know how to grow your marijuana seeds. You can sort through your options to find your perfect Marijuana seeds for Montana based on CBD or THC levels, difficulty, or even yields.  ILGM also offers Montana seed bank shipping, so you can get whatever you need from the comfort of your own home.

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Montana

If you have already browsed the different cannabis strains on the ILGM website, you probably want them all. We know the struggle, and we are here to help.  We recommend starting with a few before dabbling in everything. Marijuana has a variety of strains that can differ in CBD and THC concentrations, effect, growth speed, color and texture, and even taste. Here are the top 5 marijuana seeds to place in your basket for Montana seed bank shipping.

Blue Dream Seeds

This first option is a beginner’s dream seed, and that dream just happens to be blue. It is a perfect hybrid of Indica and Sativa with 80% Indica, so it is more on the chill relaxing side rather than a blissful haze. You can grow the autoflowering version indoors in Montana because it stays small; however, the regular, feminized version will have higher yields. Blue Dream has an incredible taste and smell since it combines sweet, vanilla, and berry aroma with an herbal and earthy taste.

Durban Poison Seeds

Durban Poison Seeds provide strong (100% Sativa) effects that keep you energized, uplifted, and creative. It grows well indoors - just give it plenty of light. This strain was one of the most popular strains of the 70s, and for good reason. Its flavor profile has elements of skunky cheese, sweet citrus, and fruity earthy. If you love feeling happy, motivated, and inspired, you will love this strain. Although it’s not recommended for beginners, the yield is absolutely worth the effort. 

Hindu Kush Seeds

Another amazing weed strain for beginners, the Hindu Kush has an incredibly subtle and relaxing effect. If you want to buy marijuana seeds that grow easily outdoors these are the ones. However, you can still grow it indoors and reap the rewards. Hindu Kush is a small, bushy and dense - perfect indoors or on a patio. 

White Widow Seeds

White Widow is an excellent hybrid of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. This mix gives a smooth high while opening up your creative, conversational side. You can cultivate it indoors or outdoors in a sunny climate, and it will grow into a beautifully pungent, earthy, herbal, woody, and sweet plant. It’s one of the easiest strains to grow, and it’s incredibly popular. We carry White Widow auto flowering marijuana seeds, high CBD seeds, and regular, feminized seeds

Gorilla Glue Seeds

Another excellent option for growing indoors in Montana or outdoors in the state’s warmer parts is Gorilla Glue. This perfect hybrid packs a powerful punch of relaxation. With black coffee, sweet moss, and a touch of pine, it smells and tastes heavenly with an even better effect. It has a 26% concentration of THC, so it’s not for those seeking subtle weed effects. The plants aren’t subtle either. If you don’t want a monster plant, we recommend choosing the auto flowering option.