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New Marijuana Seeds

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New weed strains

From smoking to growing, Cannabis has come a long way since the flower-power days of the 60s. Strain crossbreeding techniques have created the best newest strains. We now know that utilizing a male from one Cannabis strain to pollinate the female plant of another will result in seeds of a whole new variety. Crossbreeding Cannabis strains has become the standard for cultivators, letting them enhance certain characteristics in new weed strains, such as potency or particular flavors.

New Feminized Strains

Feminized seeds ensure every offspring will be female. Female plants are preferred; most growers remove male plants as they can pollinate an entire crop and potentially ruin the yield of your new strain. Regular seeds need a short growing period before the sex can be determined, With feminized seeds you get to what's important - Growing the best new strains.

New Autoflowering Strain

Autoflowering Cannabis strains are fast becoming the best new weed strains on the market, often becoming the most popular strains for both indoor and outdoor growers. Crossbreeding with the vigorous ruderalis has allowed growers to form new marijuana strains with greater resistance to pests and harsh weather conditions. Autoflowering strains have a far shorter flowering time than photoperiodic strains, meaning you can cram more harvests into one season. It also makes guerrilla-style growing easier without the concern of managing lighting schedules.

New CBD Strains

With many people chasing the newest weed strains for THC to quell their anxiety or ease their tensions, they completely overlook the CBD option. Although it's harder to find than THC dominant flower, CBD's popularity is steadily growing. It's a prime choice for people that want to consider Cannabis for its health benefits without the overwhelming psychedelic effects. The high this type of Cannabis strain delivers is subtle, but the flavor profile remains. Available in sativa dominant and indica dominant, these Cannabis strains are a favorite for those with chronic pain.

New Kush Strains

With the historically popular landrace, Hindu Kush, being merged with other Cannabis strains, countless new kush strains have been created over the years. Any kush strain is a popular strain; it's always been well-loved for its calm, soothing effects. The relaxing body high allows you to go deeper into your mind as your body descends deeper into the couch. Its divine herbal and floral flavor is laced with various aromas, including citrus, diesel, and grape with a pungent, earthy aroma to tantalize your taste buds.

New OG Strains

To some, “OG” may mean “Ocean Grown,” which paints beautiful scenes of peaceful waves and oceanside serenity. However, to most, it just stands for the well-known, big-swinging, highly potent Original Gangsta. And with so many new OG strains hitting the market, we've been hitting the gym to get our lungs in peak physical performance for hitting the bong. OG strains are unapologetically powerful. These popular strains will lay waste to newbies if disrespected, so tread lightly.

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