Tall Weed Plants

Grow monstrous buds with these huge plants


Seeds That Grow Tall Weed Plants

Shorter marijuana plants are great for newbies learning how to perfect their new crafts. They make for great plants to practice growing techniques such as low-stress training and super-cropping, to maximize yields. However, once mastered, those same techniques can be used on taller plants to generate even larger yields.

Tall marijuana plant seeds produce taller strains, which are predestined to have more height. This translates to more growth and heavier yields. Not all strains grow to the same heights; this is determined during the vegetation stage of life, and thereafter. However, generally, these plants will be taller than most others during both of these life stages.

Many tall plant seeds, like the infamous Chocolope seed, produce sativa strains. However, tall Indica and hybrid strains exist on the market today as well such as Agent Orange. Either way, the high they deliver to users is of cosmic proportions. They will yield an amount of marijuana that matches the height of each plant.

Tall plants needs space

Keep in mind that these productive, tall cannabis plants will need a lot of room for growth. When growing huge cannabis outdoors, this is not a problem at all. However, indoor growers need very high, lofty ceilings. If not, they will have to do a lot of manipulating and careful cropping, so the plants will have the room they need to grow tall and healthy.

It all starts with choosing the right tall plant seeds for the yield you want. Like most growers, you want to produce a monster marijuana strain that’s tall, filled with buds, tastes great and has the amount of THC and CBD you desire.

Taller cannabis strains can also generate more clones. Plus, who wouldn’t be impressed with themselves while showing off a 6-foot tall marijuana plant?

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