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Marijuana Seeds New York

The best marijuana seeds for New York State

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The best marijuana seeds for New York State

About New York State Cannabis Seeds

The state of New York is one of the best places to grow weed. It isn't just famous for its culture and diversity; New York also boasts amazing weather. Its climate, in particular, lends to plenty of variety for the plants thriving there. New York welcomes warm and humid air from the southwest and cold and dry air from the northwest. The result is an amazing wealth of plants, some native to the state, including Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Red Baneberry, Chives, and Lady's Leek.

That is why it's no surprise that many New Yorkers might enjoy growing marijuana seeds in their backyards. There is a certain kind of gratification that comes from cultivating anything that you can later enjoy. Where do you buy marijuana seeds NY? Many people turn to a trusted, reliable source for their weed seeds for New York City home growing. Online seedbanks make it easy to find Cannabis seeds for sale and buy marijuana seeds NY that germinate easily, grow exponentially, and yield plenty of weed, even if you have very little experience.

Buy New York Weed Seeds

If you're looking for a New York seed bank, your best choice is going online. Buying marijuana seeds online is super convenient and includes plenty of options. Simply pick your favorite strains and order your choice of weed seeds. It's just that easy when a New York seed bank is online. Some seedbanks provide information about their marijuana seeds as well as guidance on how to those weed seeds into healthy marijuana plants. But the top benefit of buying marijuana seeds online is the selection. You can choose from a wide variety of options when shopping online, so make sure you find the best one for you.

It's easy to find marijuana seeds of questionable quality in the state of New York. Don't waste your time on these free seeds. Bad Cannabis seeds have poor genetics. Free Cannabis seeds hardly ever germinate, and if they do, it will likely be extremely slow. These Cannabis seeds are also quite prone to disease and bugs.

If you want healthy marijuana plants, you must start with healthy marijuana seeds. Especially if you are still a beginner, it can be difficult to tell which seeds are good quality and which ones aren't. Getting New York seed bank shipping from a reputable and trustworthy seed bank is the way to go to ensure you don't get scammed with old seeds, male seeds, or anything else that might ruin your chances at growing good weed.

First of all, many first-time growers settle for 'bag seeds,' which are free but may become really frustrating. Bag seeds are the unwanted seeds typically found in a bag of weed. Since you never really know the origins of these seeds, growing them and expecting success is a bit ambitious. You never really know how they will turn out. Planting them sometimes works and sometimes fails miserably.

It's a much better idea to source your pot seeds from a New York seed bank - one that understands which seeds will grow in the Empire State. You should also consider the state of the seeds themselves. You may think that all marijuana seeds are sturdy and can be stored anywhere under any conditions, but that's not necessarily true. The way you store and preserve marijuana seeds plays a huge role in the success of their germination and, ultimately, growth.

For instance, if the seed's shell looks beat up or unhealthy, there's a low chance of successful germination. Fresher seeds that are carefully stored, whether pale or beautifully striped, are the way to go. There is a common misconception that the Cannabis seeds' age does not affect their quality, but it does. The DNA inside any seed dies as time goes on, so the longer a seed stays ungerminated, the less likely it can grow into a plant. If you buy marijuana seeds in New York from a seed bank, you have a higher chance of getting fresh marijuana seeds.

Possibly the most influential factor next to the quality of your Cannabis seeds is gender. This is the problem with getting marijuana seeds from a friend or finding them in a bag; you cannot identify the gender of the seeds just by looking. Gender is critical because while both male and female marijuana seeds will grow, only female Cannabis seeds create buds. You must start with feminized marijuana seeds to guarantee a bountiful yield filled with beautiful buds. ILGM offers the best feminized seeds in New York, so you don't have to look that hard.

Buying Pot Seeds in New York NY: What You Should Consider

There are three main things to consider when buying Pot seeds in New York. These factors play an important role in how successful your cultivation experience is. Your region or geographic location and climate are the first key factors to keep in mind when you are ready to buy Cannabis seeds in New York. Planting marijuana follows the same rules as basic gardening, which means that some strains thrive in certain New York weather conditions while others don't.

The second consideration is your experience growing plants. There are some fundamental skills that anyone planning on going on this adventure should have. And finally, where you buy your marijuana seeds is just as important as the effort you put into their planting and growing.


New York's climate can be kind of eclectic around winters, but summers are typically stable. You will find warm summers and severely cold and snowy winters in the upstate, while the southern parts have warm summers and milder winters. In general, New York has a humid continental climate with tons of mountains, forests, meadows, lakes, and rivers. This rich environment allows for a vast diversity of plants, making it a great state for marijuana cultivation. We recommend continental climate-friendly strains for growing marijuana seeds in New York.

One of the best cannabis strains for New York growers is Zkittlez Autoflower. In fact, it is one of the best auto seeds in New York. New growers will have a blast planting and growing these marijuana seeds because they are easy-going and low maintenance. These weed seeds can be planted indoors or outdoors and perform magnificently. This is great news for New York city growers who love small and compact plants with high yields. Zkittles has 70% indica and 30% sativa concentration with extremely high THC levels that go up to 23%. Plant these weed seeds and harvest in only eight weeks!


You might be asking why your experience level is relevant when buying pot seeds in New York. This is because growing plants is a skill that requires some level of knowledge. The success of your first experience will vary based on how easy it is to germinate and grow your weed seeds. First-time growers often encounter challenges that they are not familiar with, like bugs, disease, or otherwise. These issues can damage their plant and ultimately its growth and yield.

Knowing the basics around growing marijuana plants will save you the trouble of investing time and effort that you could have otherwise avoided. To prevent some of the most common errors, start by reading our free Marijuana Grow Bible. In it, we discuss many common mistakes, as well as solutions to problems you may encounter. It's the secret to cultivating strong and healthy New York state marijuana plants.

Seed Bank

Where you buy Cannabis seeds is vital to their freshness, gender, and quality. The safest option is a New York seed bank online that offers great service and high-grade marijuana seeds for sale. With so much variety online, those looking to find the best Cannabis seeds for sale should start on the web. ILGM sells and delivers New York Cannabis seeds directly to your door. Simply browse our selection of high-quality marijuana seeds and pick your favorite.

ILGM carries feminized marijuana seeds in auto flowering, high-CBD, and fast-flowering options. Our weed seeds are ideal for both beginner and expert growers, plus our New York seed bank shipping delivers your selection of seeds or Cannabis growing supplies directly to your doorstep.

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in New York?

It is hard to know what you are getting when you buy Cannabis seeds online. However, with a reliable seed bank like ILGM, you are getting the freshest, highest-quality Cannabis seeds you can source. Trust the 1000s of reviews from other happy ILGM buyers who grew healthy marijuana plants. ILGM focuses on making it easy and simple to grow marijuana with the best selection of marijuana seeds, backed by knowledgeable and friendly support. If you are looking for Cannabis seeds in New York, look no further.

ILGM marijuana seeds that ship to New York:

  • New York City
  • Buffalo
  • Rochester
  • Yonkers
  • Syracuse
  • Albany
  • New Rochelle
  • Mount Vernon
  • Schenectady
  • Utica
  • White Plains
  • Hempstead
  • Niagara Falls
  • Troy
  • Freeport
  • Valley Stream
  • Rome
  • Long Beach
  • Poughkeepsie

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in New York NY

We love giving recommendations on the perfect Cannabis strains to grow and enjoy; our top 5 Cannabis are no exception. These five strains represent a variety of preferences and skillsets. Whether you are new to Cannabis growing, prefer something mellow, or just love a great classic, you're likely to find the perfect strain for you.

Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream is a strain that New Yorkers can easily grow indoors. Because of its fast flowering features, it is small and compact. That means it can fit anywhere, so urban growers can have fun with it. It is super beginner-friendly, so you will find it easy to grow and harvest. Blue Dream Cannabis is an 80% sativa/20% indica hybrid with a relaxing and euphoric effect.

Durban Poison Seeds

In New York's climate, we recommend planting Durban Poison indoors. This strain is a 100% landrace descendent, so it is a strong sativa with exceptionally high THC levels of around 20%. It is an amazing mood and focus booster that's great for improving any day. However, we recommend a hydroponics setup, so growing Durban Poison Cannabis can be slightly challenging for beginners. If you are a slightly more experienced grower, give this one a try!

Hindu Kush Seeds

Hindu Kush Cannabis seeds thrive in warm and dry environments. If you're living in New York, you might want to consider growing it indoors to avoid the humidity outside. A dehumidifier that controls your moisture level can be quite helpful with this strain of seeds, although not necessary. You can expect a short, dense, and bushy plant with an excellent high yield. This 100% indica strain with 18% THC levels makes you feel extremely relaxed. Hindu Kush is a great choice of strain for beginner growers.

White Widow Seeds

White Widow Cannabis comes in multiple versions, including auto flowering, high CBD, and regular feminized. It is one of the best auto flowering options for New York growers, and it does great indoors. The auto flowering version is short and compact but flowers really quickly and grows easily. Plus, they are disease-resistant and incredibly low maintenance. With 60% indica/ 40% sativa concentrations and THC levels up to 19%, this strain is a fan favorite.

Gorilla Glue Seeds

Gorilla Glue is another strain that will thrive indoors, but you could grow outdoors, as it has high mold resistance. Gorilla Glue is an all-around favorite that we consider one of the best feminized seeds for New York growers. This incredibly potent strain has incredibly high concentrations of THC - reaching 26%.

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