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The best marijuana seeds for Ohio

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The best marijuana seeds for Ohio

Ohio cannabis seeds

Ohio Seed Bank 

Ohio has a diverse climate that is great for marijuana cultivation. This state boasts a continental climate with temperatures between 60-95 degrees Fahrenheit in the warmer seasons. In other words, you’ll see dramatic temperature shifts between the spring and fall, followed by very cold winters. Other than that, Ohio boasts a fairly long growing season with plenty of time to grow cannabis outdoors. 

Some plants naturally survive in this climate, one of the most famous being the white Trillium (Trillium Grandiflorum). It's Ohio’s state flower, and it lasts up to 25 years in this climate. The Geranium (Geranium Maculatum) wildflower is also native to this climate, although it can struggle elsewhere. 

The point is, Ohio is a wonderful place for growing anything - including marijuana. 

Ohio Marijuana Seeds

Buying pot seeds in Ohio is complex. The wide variety of marijuana seeds for sale and varying growth conditions make it especially tricky for beginners to know where to start. Luckily, we are here to help. While good quality marijuana seeds in Ohio can be scarce, reliable online Ohio seed bank shipping opens up a lot of convenience and diversity for growers. When you buy marijuana seeds online you have more space to explore your options and experience the variety. Online marijuana seeds are your best option for getting the most variety, the best information, and the highest quality. 

The first thing you want to understand about growing marijuana in Ohio is what makes a bad seed. Buying poor-quality seeds online can ruin the experience for someone getting into cultivation. It can be frustrating to invest a lot of energy and time on bad cannabis seeds. Most growers will consider all the other factors and blame themselves before realizing the cannabis seeds were the problem. 

How do you recognize a bad cannabis seed? The first aspect is relatively based on common sense. How does it look? A cracked marijuana seed or one that looks opened or damaged already means it's in pretty bad condition. This typically happens when you leave free seeds around too long or treat them poorly. Weed seeds that are so old you can’t remember where you got them aren’t a good sign. 

A common rumor is that you can press on cannabis seeds to see if they are weak. If they are, throw them out. But a fragile cannabis seed does not necessarily mean it is damaged. The same goes for cannabis seeds with colors or stripes rub off with a little friction. Sometimes, marijuana seeds in Ohio are a little pale or flimsy, but they still sprout and produce solid buds. Don’t toss out those questionable weed seeds - if it isn’t damaged, go ahead and plant it. 

Another thing that comes up with bag seeds (weed seeds that you have found in your bag of weed) is their origins. You could get lucky and have wonderful bud on your hands, or like many others, it could end up leading you nowhere. Bag seeds rarely pass on the best traits of both parents - emphasis on rarely. Even if the bud you get is ideal, the chances of any bag seeds doing the same is low. But if it's all you can get your hands on, you could get lucky. 

The final and most crucial thing to considering available cannabis seeds for sale is their gender. Only female cannabis seeds become marijuana plants, so that’s what you need. Male cannabis seeds will produce pollen sacs, and hermaphrodites give you a mix of buds and pollen sacs. If you germinate your weed seeds and determine they are not female, you should throw those out as soon as you recognize them. Males and ‘hermies’ limit your chances of buds significantly, so they are not worth leaving around. That’s why it is best to start with the best feminized seeds in Ohio if you want real results. 

Buying Pot Seeds in Ohio: What You Should Consider

There are a few things to keep in mind when growing cannabis - before you start buying pot seeds in Ohio. Things like the weather conditions and how experienced you are with growing massively influence the success of your cultivation experience. So let’s talk a bit about how you can use these elements to your advantage.


First of all, In Ohio buy seeds that specifically grow in your climate. Consider the state of Ohio’s climate. While it is continental throughout most of the state, the south is more humid and subtropical. However, spring and fall temperatures are moderate and pleasant.

A challenge for many Ohio growers is the humidity. Humidity above 30 percent puts pot plants at risk. This is because, in humid conditions, mold and fungus can cause irreparable damage. Of course, if you can grow indoors, you can grow year-round while also maintaining proper humidity levels.

Humidity is a big consideration in Ohio, so you have to be smart about what you buy. Choose a strain that will thrive under these conditions. A great example are Blue Cheese feminized seeds. This Indica dominant marijuana strain is 80% Indica and 20% Sativa with high mold resistance. Grow it either indoors or outdoors in Ohio’s humid climate without risk of infections or damage. It also grows super quickly, making it very beginner-friendly.


Many people make the mistake of trying to grow challenging and needlessly difficult strains at the beginning. It’s silly because beginner-friendly strains can save you a lot of drama since they practically grow themselves! 

However, even if you start with something easy, it is always a good idea to educate yourself before embarking on your great adventure. Researching the nearest Ohio seed bank is not enough to get you going. You should also download the free Marijuana Grow Bible for information that will help you avoid the most common beginner mistakes. Cultivating marijuana seeds in Ohio or anywhere in the United States comes with a learning curve. Do the work ahead of time to strengthen your skills and build some know-how before facing challenges such as bugs, pests, and diseases. 

Seed Bank

The best place to buy cannabis seeds is always a seedbank. However, you also want to ensure you find a place that gives you enough options to avoid getting stuck with hard-to-grow cannabis seeds. You need a seedbank with options that consider your local climate, experience level, and personal preferences. ILGM offers the best feminized seeds in Ohio that produce strong plants and generous yields. 

Your cannabis seedbank can make or break your harvest, especially if you buy marijuana seeds that are low-quality, or even worst, you never receive them. Save yourself a lot of unnecessary stress and put a lot of thought into it when choosing your Ohio seed bank. 

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in Ohio?

Now that you have a rough idea of what you want, you'll need to find a place to buy cannabis seeds in Ohio. Going online is always a good idea, especially with Ohio seed bank shipping that delivers your weeds seeds conveniently to your door!

ILGM is the go-to Ohio seed bank online. The website has everything you need to grow marijuana, including knowledge, high-grade marijuana seeds, and nutrients. With ILGM, you get the best cannabis seeds in Ohio without worrying whether they’ll become usable marijuana. We guarantee they will be female. We guarantee your Ohio cannabis seeds will arrive. We guarantee your Ohio cannabis seeds will sprout.

At ILGM, the goal is your successful harvest. It's more than a place to buy marijuana seeds. You're also supported with the best customer service, strain information, germination instructions, and plant care tutorials so that you can have an exceptional cultivation experience. Plus, the store includes honest reviews from other happy growers to help you select your perfect strain 

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Ohio

If you are still looking for some inspiration, look no further. These top 5 cannabis strains are a favorite for growers worldwide, and here’s how you grow them in Ohio. Whether you plan to grow indoors or keep a small plant outdoors, these strains offer options for nearly any grower level.  

Blue Dream Seeds

As the name suggests, this strain puts you in a daydream. Blue Dream’s smooth high and moderate THC is fitting for everyday use. The Sativa-heavy hybrid has a berry yet, earthy taste and is one of the most easy-going strains on our list. Thankfully, growing these marijuana seeds is a similar experience. 

Blue Dream seeds are best grown indoors in Ohio’s climate. We recommend the auto flowering version. These cannabis seeds are some of the best auto seeds in Ohio since it flowers super fast and is easy to grow. Auto flowering Blue Dream marijuana seeds produce small and compact plants with generous yields.

Durban Poison Seeds

Durban Poison gives the user an energetic and joyful buzz. You shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to try this 100% Sativa, a landrace descendant that’s stayed popular over time. When smoked, the air fills with a pleasant, citrus-like flavor that’s sweet yet earthy. 

Durban Poison marijuana seeds do not like humidity, so we recommend growing these marijuana plants indoors. However, these Sativas tend to be quite tall and particular, so you’ll need a lot of space and a hydroponic setup. This can be a little tricky for first-time growers, so we suggest saving these feminized cannabis seeds for the professionals. 

Hindu kush Seeds

As the name suggests, this strain originates in India. Hindu Kush is a 100% Indica strain that can naturally grow in harsh conditions and gives quite a solid high. People love its calming, sedative-like effect and its taste is a delicious mix of sandalwood and lemon. 

Hindu Kush weed seeds love Ohio’s warmth but might suffer from its humidity, so they are best grown indoors. These feminized marijuana seeds make perfect indoor plants since they grow into short, dense, and bushy Indicas. Best of all, maintenance is easy in this beginner-friendly cannabis strain. 

White Widow Seeds

White Widow seeds are extremely easy to grow, making them perfect for beginners looking to buy marijuana seeds. The slightly indica dominant hybrid is a classic strain that combines earthy and spicy with a hint of herbal for good measure. White Widow is a relaxing daytime high with moderate THC levels.  

We offer multiple versions of this strain, including high CBD marijuana and some of the best auto seeds in Ohio, White Widow autoflowering marijuana seeds. You can grow this strain indoors or grow the autoflowering version outdoors, but keep your plants dry and watch for mold. 

Gorilla glue seeds

Gorilla Glue feminized seeds are your next favorite weed strains. Gorilla Glue is a fun and beautiful plant with a perfectly balanced concentration of Sativa and Indica and high THC levels that can reach 26%.  Its balanced effects are both happy and relaxing, like a giant cannabis bear hug. Gorilla Glue is perfect for a late-night high.

Gorilla Glue is not a fan of humidity, so you should grow this strain indoors in Ohio. We highly recommend the autoflowering version unless you have a greenhouse - Gorilla Glue plants can grow to gorilla sizes. The auto flowering version, on the other hand, maintains this cannabis strain’s potent THC potentials but sheds its massive size.

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