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West Virginia Cannabis Seeds

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West Virginia Seed Bank

West Virginia has a wonderful environment for Cannabis growing. The availability of fertile lands and a warm summer climate make West Virginia a perfect state for growing Cannabis.

The humid subtropical zone has warm to hot summers and cool chilly winters that are well suited for growing feminized and auto seeds.

In fact, cultivating marijuana seeds in West Virginia can be quite rewarding if you start with the correct seeds.

West Virginia has a humid subtropical climate that supports rich and diverse botanical life for many Cannabis strains. With the right knowledge, Cannabis seeds in West Virginia can yield excellent results.

West Virginia Marijuana Seeds

When it comes to acquiring pot seeds in West Virginia, there are a few places to look.

Some growers set aside mother plants to take cuttings, but this takes up a good amount of materials, effort, and space.

Others go for 'bag seeds,' which they find in their ready-bought bag of marijuana flowers. But any experienced grower will tell you that the best way to source Cannabis seeds in West Virginia is through a trusted online seed bank.

Many people find it tough to dedicate time, energy, and space to plants that won't yield buds. That's why the quality of the Cannabis seeds is crucial to the success of any cultivation experience. Good quality marijuana seeds will not frustrate you while they germinate and grow, whereas bad quality ones definitely will.

If you have ever grown poor-quality seeds, you will notice that they are quite unlikely to germinate, let alone grow into strong and healthy plants. That's why where you get your marijuana seeds is a matter you shouldn't take lightly.

Browsing Cannabis seeds online provides a knowledgeable buying experience. You can search by strain or seed types, such as auto or feminized seeds. With all the information you need on each kind of seed easily laid out for you, you can easily make an informed decision about which marijuana seeds match your needs, preferences, and weather conditions.

Online seed banks also sell a variety of marijuana seeds from different types of Cannabis plants. They have experts to help you decide which types of Cannabis seeds would best suit your needs.

Feminized and auto Cannabis seeds are the go-to choice for many people since they provide great results that satisfy any grower.

Selecting feminized Cannabis seeds is important because male plants produce seeds rather than 'smokable' flowers or buds. Discard male plants and hermaphrodites, which have male and female characteristics, since they might fertilize your female plants.

When male plants pollinate female plants, they damage the THC levels present in their buds. That's why it's so important to buy Cannabis seeds that are feminized - at least that way, you know your plants' gender before it's too late.

It's also important to learn what makes bad marijuana seeds different from good ones.

If you purchase marijuana seeds in West Virginia from somewhere unreliable, you may end up with beat-up seeds. Beat-up free seeds might be harder to grow or may not even germinate.

But that doesn't mean that any seed with a seemingly unattractive shell is beat-up. Some weed seeds are flimsy, fragile, or pale but still have an intact shell, which means they have the potential to grow. So don't be fooled by the exterior appearance of the seed. Focus on whether or not the seed's interior is damaged.

Beat-up weed seeds aren't the only thing to worry about. It also becomes increasingly harder for Cannabis seeds to germinate and grow as they get older. That's why old weed seeds can become bad marijuana seeds. Sometimes it's because they're poorly stored.

Bag seeds are also hit or miss. Even if they came from good marijuana, the resulting seeds might not turn out like their parents.

For the best quality seeds, a West Virginia online seed bank should be your top choice. Seed banks specialize in storing the best seeds; online, you'll find the greatest variety.

Buying Pot Seeds in West Virginia: What You Should Consider

If you're planning to buy pot seeds in West Virginia, you need the right seeds. You'll want to consider things such as seed quality, and you should also buy marijuana seeds online from a reputable source.

However, when it's time to choose your ideal seed strain - how do you choose? First, you should consider the environment- especially if you plan to grow outdoors.

By understanding your local climate, you can identify the marijuana seeds that will thrive in it. You should also consider your experience as a grower. This simple fact can help you recognize which strains to avoid when buying marijuana seeds.


Did you know that conditions such as light intensity, temperature, altitude, and changes in seasons influence your Cannabis plants?

If you want to become a promising marijuana grower, you need to know which strains grow well in West Virginia's climate.

West Virginia has a humid subtropical climate that varies considerably at higher altitudes in the mountain ranges.

It enjoys pleasantly hot and humid summers and relatively mild winters. A long season, rich sunlight, and warm temperatures make this climate ideal for growing certain Cannabis strains outdoors.

However, you can also grow most Cannabis strains indoors year-round.

Some strains grow well in a humid subtropical climate, such as OG Kush, Maui Wowie, and White Widow.

One of the best auto seeds in West Virginia is OG Kush Autoflower. These marijuana seeds grow indoors or outdoors in West Virginia.

Under the best circumstances, they can produce about 17 ounces of Cannabis per square meter with an average of just 8-9-week flowering time. OG Kush Autoflower is an easy to grow indica dominant hybrid with THC levels that can reach 19%.


When you are new to growing Cannabis, selecting your first strain can be overwhelming.

There are a surprising number of options and many possible pitfalls for first-time growers to run into. If you are new to growing marijuana, it is easy to make mistakes when growing Cannabis in West Virginia.

Thankfully, there are beginner-friendly Cannabis seeds that help you avoid many of those pitfalls.

Some strains are more challenging to grow than others. For example, some strains require special setups or carefully crafted environments to thrive. Not everyone has the resources, time, or expertise to develop a custom environment for their plants. That's why it is a good idea to start with strains that are easy to grow. It's also wise to do a little research beforehand by reading the

Marijuana Grow Bible. It walks people through what they need to know to grow marijuana, including avoiding classic rookie mistakes.

Seed Bank

You'll find the best Cannabis seeds in West Virginia by sourcing them from an online seed bank. Reliable online seedbanks will not only supply you with reliable seeds, but they also offer seed bank shipping to West Virginia, placing their Cannabis seeds in your hands.

ILGM is the best place to purchase feminized seeds online, and you'll find more than Cannabis seeds for sale. As a West Virginiaseed bank. ILGM offers first-rate seed genetics, top-notch customer service, and free delivery to anywhere in the US, including the Mountain State.

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in West Virginia?

Even if there were plenty of West Virginia seed banks, you shouldn't settle for just anyone. ILGM is the most trustworthy seed bank you'll find.

With high-quality West Virginia Cannabis seeds and a germination guarantee, ILGM makes it easier to successfully grow Cannabis.

Choose from many seed options, ranging from high CBD and low THC to feminized and autoflowering.

A great selection of marijuana seeds isn't the end of it, either. With ILGM, you receive great service and a shipping guarantee. You'll also find plenty of growing advice on the blog and forum. ILGM makes buying the best feminized seeds in West Virginia only a few clicks away.

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in West Virginia

Knowing which Cannabis strains to buy can be challenging for even experienced growers.

However, it sometimes helps to start with the most popular. Here are the top 5 Cannabis seeds for sale in our store and how to grow them in West Virginia.

Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream is a flavorful sativa dominant strain with a mellow high. People love its pleasant, uplifting high that boosts creativity and mood. The smoke is berry and earthy, and the flavors are sweet as well. It's no surprise that this strain is many people's favorite.

Blue Dream is easy to grow and takes an average of 9-10 weeks to flower. It's a tall plant that delivers heavy yields and THC levels up to 21%. You could grow this strain indoors or outdoors in West Virginia; however, it is slightly prone to red spider mite infestation because of its sweet scent, so growing this plant inside is likely easier.

Durban Poison Seeds

Durban Poison is a 100% sativa strain with up to 20% THC. The high is energetic and social - something many considers a 'classic' sativa. Durban Poison originated in South Africa, and as a result, enjoys a similar climate. Since West Virginia does not share a similar climate, you'll need to grow these seeds indoors.

Durban Poison is easy to grow; however, indoors, you'll need to grow hydroponically. The problem is, hydroponic growing is not for beginner growers. Therefore, although anyone could grow this weed strain indoors, most beginners shouldn't. It's also a very tall plant, so plan accordingly.

Hindu Kush Seeds

Hindu Kush marijuana seeds are 100% indica and produce up to 18% THC. The effects are relaxing and calming, the perfect therapeutic strain for those looking to settle in for the night. This strain is beginner-friendly to enjoy and grow.

If you plan to grow this strain in West Virginia, it's best grown indoors away from humidity. Hindu Kush plants love to stay warm and dry; therefore, a controlled environment might be best. The plants are compact and bushy with high yields and generous buds within 7 to 8 weeks.

White Widow Seeds

White Widow marijuana seeds are the best auto seeds in West Virginia. The 60% indica/ 40% sativa hybrid has THC levels up to 19% and produces a well-balanced high. White Widow is relaxing and social and is a classic daytime strain.

White Widow plants are easy to grow and ready to harvest in just nine weeks. The plant is versatile and able to grow under many conditions, including outdoors in West Virginia. The autoflowering version stays small - perfect for small spaces or growing indoors. There's also CBD seeds for this strain. White Widow plants are also pest and disease resistant, making them very beginner-friendly.

Gorilla Glue Seeds

Gorilla Glue marijuana seeds produce 50/50 hybrid Cannabis plants, with THC levels reaching up to 26%. The powerful strain is both uplifting and relaxing, putting a smile on your face before putting you to sleep. While the effects are intense, growing this strain is not. Gorilla GLue is easy to grow and produces very nice yields.

In West Virginia, you shouldn't try to grow these seeds outdoors. However, Gorilla Glue is a wonderful strain to grow indoors if you purchase the auto flowering version. The regular, feminized version of Gorilla Glue plants is especially large, making it difficult for many people to grow indoors. The autoflowering seeds, on the other hand, stay a reasonable size, making it much easier to grow indoors.

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