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Haze Strains

Haze Strains

The haziest of strains

What Are Haze Strains?

Looking for the best haze strains and haze seeds? We have a huge collection at ILGM and we’re always introducing new seeds that our customers will love. Haze strains are a cannabis classic, first originating in the late 1960s during the hippy era. Two brothers created a new Sativa strain by combining genetics from Colombia, Mexico and Thailand.

During the 1970s and onwards, Haze strains grew in popularity, with modern breeders popping up everywhere. As a result, Haze strains matured with new strains and varieties created regularly. Embodying the essence of hippy culture.

Haze strains provide euphoric happiness with a cerebral high that’s great for creativity. In comparison to Indica strains that provide users with relaxing, sedative effects, Haze strains deliver a feeling of pure bliss. Cannabis enthusiasts also love Haze strains’ clean taste, complemented with citrus notes that leave your mouth wanting more.

Growing Your Own Haze Marijuana Seeds

When grown in the right outdoor conditions, Haze strains can grow to more than 12 feet, a lot taller than Indica strains. However, when growing Haze seeds indoors, they can be kept to a size that’s manageable as long as there’s plenty of pruning. By crossing the best Haze strains with Indica, you’ll often experience different growing habits, so it’s best to research the strains thoroughly before growing.

In comparison to Indica strains, Haze seeds take longer to flourish into flowering plants - taking up to 14 weeks. When growing your own Haze, you may notice they are not only taller, but they also have fluffier buds in comparison to those by their close relatives Indica; which produce more compact and dense buds.

The Best Haze Marijuana Strains

Ever since their creation, Haze strains have become a popular strain that’s enjoyed by cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. It’s no surprise that the best Haze strains have garnered 34 awards at the annual Cannabis Cup.

One of the best cannabis Haze strains and maybe even the most famous is Purple Haze. This 70% Sativa dominant-hybrid strain delivers a head-rush that’s amazing enough for Jimi Hendrix to write a song about it. Known for its waves of creativity, Purple Haze delivers blueberry fruitiness with exotic spices in a strain that’s great for overall physical and mental relaxation.

Another popular Haze strain to look out for is Amnesia Haze, an 80% Sativa dominant strain that can flower in as little as 9 weeks. Amnesia Haze can have THC levels up to 21% and has won awards at both the Cannabis Cup and the Sativa Cup. If you’re looking for a happy high with fits of giggles, Amnesia Haze is not one to miss.

Buy High-Quality Marijuana Haze Strains & Seeds

At I Love Growing Marijuana, we stock some of the most popular Haze strains for you to start growing today. With a 100% germination guarantee, you don’t need to worry about whether or not our seeds will lead to top-quality weed.

Order seeds today and can start growing some of the most potent and enjoyable cannabis around. Whether you’re a medical marijuana consumer or recreational cannabis enthusiast, browse our complete collection of Haze strains and get your grow on today.

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