The Basics

Setting up a grow room Adding support Preparing water Measure soil pH and EC Humidity levels Spraying for bugs Plant metabolism Plant types

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The Harvest

When to harvest Harvesting Drying marijuana Trimming

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Sprout, Grow and Transplant

Germination Watering your seedlings Stretching seedlings Super stretched seedlings Removing seedling shells Topping marijuana Fimming Transplant

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In this guide you will learn How to scrog What do you need? Installing scrog Vegetative stage Flowering week 1 to 4 Scrog Day 1Scrog Day 15Scrog day 26 SCROG stands for SCReen Of Green. The idea is to place […]

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In this guide you will learn Why make cuttings Making a mother plant What do you need Making cuttings Creating a perfect climate How to let cuttings take root Put in waterTake cuttingClone in rooting gel Making cuttings from marijuana […]

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Cutting and drying

In this guide you will learn Cutting Tumble Drying It’s time to cut the plants. This is actually not really difficult, but there are some things you have to take into account. You have to prepare a bit, because you […]

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Flowering week 5 to 9

In this guide you will learn Flowering Day 56 Flowering Day 58 Flowering Day 60 Flowering Day 63 Flowering Day 65 Flowering Day 67 Flowering Day 70 Flowering Day 73 Flowering Day 75 Flowering Day 78 Flowering Day 80 Flowering […]

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Flowering week 1 to 4

In this guide you will learn Flowering Day 29 Flowering Day 31 Flowering Day 33 Flowering Day 36 Flowering Day 38 Flowering Day 40 Flowering Day 43 Flowering Day 45 Flowering Day 47 Flowering Day 50 Flowering Day 52 Flowering […]

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The vegetative stage

In this guide you will learn vegetative stage in Day 1 Day 3 Day 5 Day 8 Day 10 Day 12 Day 15 Day 17 Day 19 Day 22 Day 24 Day 26 Day 1Day 15Day 26 In this course […]

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