11 of the best strains to grow for Rosin Weed

When it comes to cannabis preparation, making solventless hash oil (also known as rosin) is one of the best ways to get the most out of your weed. Read below to learn how we ranked and recommend the best strains for rosin.

Rosin contains higher amounts of THC compared to other types of cannabis preparation. 

In fact, the best rosin outclasses any type of cannabis product in terms of delivering strong effects. There are also therapeutic benefits that help with pain relief and nausea.

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    What is rosin?

    Rosin is different from extracts like shatter or other concentrates such as wax. One main difference is how it is made. 

    Making rosin doesn’t require chemicals because the main technique to produce rosin involves only heat and pressure, making it one of the best natural (not to mention safe) methods of making cannabis concentrates.

    Rosin also doesn’t require you to separate the trichomes from your buds. 

    If anything, rosin uses all of the buds – although you can still make rosin from kief or hash. 

    You would want to use buds specifically because rosin made from buds has a more pronounced flavor over kief or hash.

    Making rosin
    Making rosin

    As for how you make rosin, the simplest method is using a hair straightener. It provides the necessary heat and pressure to squeeze out the rosin from your buds.

    You would also need parchment baking paper to prevent the gooey hash oil from sticking to the hair straightener.

    You can also try dry sifting and bubble hash to make concentrates. 

    Dry sifting and bubble hash are methods to separate the trichomes from your buds.

    The difference between the two is in the process of separating the trichomes.

    Dry sifting is an efficient and simple method that only uses a fine screen. 

    On the other hand, Bubble hash requires more work as you need to submerge and shake your cannabis in ice water to remove the trichomes from the plant. 

    Additionally, you would need multiple filter bags to get the most hash from the process.

    What to look for in a rosin strain


    To get the most concentrates from your buds, you need the best strains for rosin production. One trait to look out for is potency. 

    strong rosin marijuana strains

    Although rosin already has a high THC content of 75% to 85%, there’s nothing wrong with choosing strains that also pack a punch. 

    Doing so ensures that the concentrates are potent enough to your liking.


    Rosin is known to be one of the more flavorful concentrates out there despite the process involved in making the gooey hash oil. 

    There’s still plenty of flavor left over to enjoy, so choose a strain with your preferred flavor profile. 

    Additionally, use freshly harvested buds for the best results.


    Resin and rosin are two different things. While rosin is what you get from putting your cannabis buds through a lot of heat and pressure, resin is simply the substance that cannabis naturally produces and stores in its trichome. 

    crushed rosin from cannabis

    Resin also refers to the active compounds such as THC that give cannabis its effects.

    11 of the best strains to grow for rosin weed

    When it comes to making concentrates, the method you use to separate the trichomes from your buds can affect your overall rosin yields. 

    Some strains yield more through dry sifting, while others work better with bubble hash. There are even strains that are good all-around.

    It’s important to consider this when looking for the highest yielding rosin strains.

    Good all-around

    White Widow Strain
    White Widow

    White Widow strain

    White Widow is a favorite strain because of its high THC content that works right away, giving you a steady cerebral head high while also providing a relaxing buzz. 

    Plant type60% Indica 40% Sativa
    THCUp to 19%
    CBDInsignificant amounts
    ClimateIndoors | Temperate | Mediterranean | Steppe
    Plant sizeAverage
    Flowers9 weeks
    Yields18 oz per 3x3ft
    Taste & SmellEarthy | Herbal | Pungent | Spicy | Sweet | Woody
    EffectsCreative | Euphoric | Happy | Relaxed | Uplifted
    AwardsCannabis Cup Winner 1995

    It’s also one of the best strains for rosin since the buds it produces are sticky, meaning it’s high in resin content.

    If you want to have an easy time growing White Widow, you can choose our autoflowering variant, which reduces the grow time and the difficulty of growing this strain.

    White Widow strain

    Buy White Widow feminized seeds

    • 60% Indica 40% Sativa
    • THC levels up to 19%
    • High yielding easy growing plant
    • Mind opening euphoric high
    Wedding Cake Strain
    Wedding Cake

    Wedding Cake Strain

    If you’re looking for a strain with an intense flavor profile and high THC content, try Wedding Cake. 

    This sweet strain will hit you with its strong flavor and scent of vanilla with a hint of cherry pie while leaving you uplifted and relaxed. 

    Plant type70% indica 30% Sativa
    THCUp to 25%
    CBDInsignificant amounts
    ClimateIndoors | Continental
    Plant sizeAverage
    Flowers9 to 10 weeks
    Yields18 to 21 oz per 3x3ft
    Taste and SmellVanilla | Sweet | Earthy | Ginger
    EffectsRelaxing | Energizing

    Besides Its taste and effects, Wedding Cake is one of the top strains for pressing rosin because of its high concentration of trichomes.

    Although it’s already easy to grow, an autoflowering variant of Wedding Cake will help growers cultivate weed discreetly since Wedding Cake Autoflower produces much smaller plants.

    Wedding Cake strain

    Buy Wedding Cake feminized seeds

    • 70% indica, 30% Sativa
    • THC Levels around 25%
    • Easy growing in- and outdoors
    • Relaxation while remaining sharp

    Sour Diesel Strain
    Sour Diesel

    Sour Diesel strain

    Sour Diesel is a potent strain that combines intense flavors with high resin content, making it one of the best strains for rosin. 

    Plant type40% Indica 60% Sativa
    THCUp to 20% THC
    CBDInsignificant amounts
    ClimateIndoors | Continental | Steppe | Mediterranean
    Plant sizeTall
    Flowers10 weeks
    Yields16 oz per 3x3ft
    Taste & SmellDiesel | Earthy | Herbal | Lemon | Pungent | Sour
    EffectsEnergetic | Euphoric | Happy | Relaxed | Uplifted

    The high levels of THC of this strain give Sour Diesel its mood-boosting and energizing effects. Its flavors also match these effects, as you’re left tasting lemon and diesel.

    Sour Diesel is known for how difficult it is to cultivate, so we offer a much easier alternative: Sour Diesel Autoflower.

    Sour Diesel strain

    Buy Sour Diesel feminized seeds

    • 40% Indica 60% Sativa hybrid
    • THC levels up to 20%
    • Sun-loving, high yielding plant 
    • Energy-driven psychedelic high
    Do Si Dos Strain
    Do Si Dos

    Do-Si-Dos strain

    Do-Si-Dos is a hybrid strain known for its flavor and potency, but many people seem to forget that it’s also high in resin content.  

    Plant type70% Indica 30% Sativa
    THCUp to 30%
    DifficultyEasy to grow
    ClimateIndoors | Temperate | Continental | Mediterranean
    Plant sizeAverage
    Flowers10 weeks
    Yields14 to 18 oz per 3x3ft
    Taste & SmellEarthy | Sweet | Pungents
    EffectsEuphoric | Relaxed | Sleepy

    It is one of the best strains for concentrates because not only do its buds produce a lot of resin, but it’s also high in THC, which, when consumed, will leave you feeling uplifted and euphoric.

    Do Si Dos Strain

    Buy Do-si-dos feminized seeds

    • 70% Indica 30% Sativa
    • High THC level towards 30%
    • Easy growing inside and outdoors
    • You feel both relaxed and euphoric

    Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Strain
    Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

    Girl Scout Cookies Extreme strain

    There’s nothing quite like Girl Scout Cookies Extreme when it comes to potent and resinous strains. 

    Plant type80% Indica 20% Sativa
    THCUp to 21%
    CBDInsignificant amount
    ClimateIndoors | Mediterranean | Steppe
    Plant sizeAverage
    Flowers10 weeks
    Yields21 oz per 3x3ft
    Taste & SmellDiesel | Earthy | Herbal | Lemon | Pungent | Skunky | Spicy | Sweet
    EffectsCreate | Euphoric | Happy | Relaxed | Uplifted

    Despite its friendly name, this strain packs quite the punch, leaving you feeling relaxed and happy. 

    Part of what makes GSC Extreme a potent strain is not just its high THC level but also its high resin content. 

    Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Strain

    Buy GSC Extreme feminized seeds

    • 80% Indica 20% Sativa
    • High THC levels up to 21%
    • You feel both relaxed and euphoric
    • Feminized seeds for guaranteed results

    Best for the dry sift method

    Gorilla Glue Strain
    Gorilla Glue

    Gorilla Glue strain

    Gorilla Glue (GG4) is a cannabis strain that produces plants with high resin content. 

    Its sticky buds are known and loved by many cannabis connoisseurs, both for their deeply relaxing effects and complex flavor profile. 

    Plant type50% Indica 50% Sativa
    THCUp to 26%
    CBDInsignificant amount
    DifficultyEasy to grow
    ClimateIndoors | Steppe | Mediterranean
    Plant sizeTall
    Flowers8 weeks
    Yields16 to 18 oz per 3x3ft
    Taste & SmellCheese | Earthy | Pine | Pungent | Sour | Sweet
    EffectsEuphoric | Uplifted
    AwardsCannabis Cup | Jamaican World Cup

    Moreover, Gorilla Glue’s super sticky buds make some of the best rosin if you don’t lose most of it on your fingers.

    If you’re looking to grow Gorilla Glue but don’t have the space for its tall plants, you can choose to grow Gorilla Glue Autoflower instead. 

    Gorilla Glue Strain

    Buy GG4 feminized seeds

    • 50% Indica 50% Sativa
    • Extreme THC levels up to 26%
    • Easy to grow in- and outdoors
    • Great relaxing, late-night high
    OG Kush Strain
    OG Kush

    OG Kush strain

    Known for its high THC content, OG Kush is a natural pick if you’re looking for the best flower for rosin making. 

    Its full-body high will hit you with a strong feeling of euphoria while also helping you unwind. 

    Plant type75% Indica 25% Sativa
    THCUp to 19%
    CBDInsignificant amounts
    ClimateIndoors |  Mediterranean  |  Continental | Steppe 
    Plant sizeCompact
    Flowers8 weeks
    Yields16 to 17 oz per 3x3ft
    Taste & SmellEarthy | Herbal | Lemon | Pine | Sour | Spicy
    EffectsEuphoric | Happy | Hungry | Relaxed | Uplifted

    Additionally, OG Kush produces highly resinous flowers, which means you need to be careful not to get any of it stuck on your fingers once you’re harvesting its buds.

    Although it is a moderately difficult strain to grow, it does have an autoflowering variant that helps new growers experience OG Kush for themselves.

    OG Kush Strain

    Buy OG Kush feminized seeds

    • 75% Indica 25% Sativa
    • THC levels up to 19%
    • Produces a high yield, especially indoors
    • Experience euphoric joy and happiness

    Best for bubble hash

    Sunset Sherbet Strain
    Sunset Sherbet

    Sunset Sherbet strain

    Sunset Sherbet is an indica-dominant strain that’s both potent and flavorful. 

    Plant type85% Indica 15% Sativa
    THCUp to 21%
    CBDInsignificant amounts
    ClimateIndoors | Mediterranean 
    Plant sizeAverage
    Flowers8 weeks
    Yields16 to 21 oz per 3x3ft
    Taste & SmellBerry | Citrus | Skunky | Sweet
    EffectsCreative | Euphoric | Happy | Relaxed | Uplifted

    Its high THC levels provide a long-lasting feeling of euphoria that will leave you calm and relaxed. 

    Its sweet flavors with a hint of mint only add to its sedative qualities.

    Sunset Sherbet Strain

    Buy Sunset Sherbet feminized seeds

    • 85% Indica 15% Sativa
    • High THC level towards 21%
    • Fun grow with above-average yields
    • Great for relaxation and unwinding
    Gelato Strain

    Gelato strain

    Gelato is one of the best strains for hash rosin because of its high THC content that will first leave you feeling euphoric before hitting you with a piercing physical relaxation.

    Plant type55% Indica 45% Sativa
    THCUp to 20%
    CBDInsignificant amount
    ClimateIndoors | Mediterranean | Temperate
    Plant sizeCompact
    Flowers10 – 14 weeks
    Yields16 to 18 oz per 3x3ft
    Taste & SmellCitrus | Earthy | Fruity | Sweet
    EffectsEuphoric | Happy | Relaxed | Uplifted

    Outside of its potent effects, Gelato’s flavor is also recognizable. Like Girl Scout Cookies, this potent strain has a sweet taste with a hint of mint.

    Gelato Strain

    Buy Gelato feminized seeds

    • 55% Indica 45% Sativa
    • High THC levels up to 20%
    • Fun grow with above-average yields
    • Deep relaxation paired with crystal clarity
    Tropicana Cookies Strain
    Tropicana Cookies

    Tropicana Cookies strain

    Tropicana Cookies is a resin-heavy strain that produces flavorful buds that have a fruity taste with hints of baked cookies. 

    Plant type30% Indica 70% Sativa
    THCUp to 20%
    CBDInsignificant amounts
    ClimateIndoors | Temperate | Continental | Mediterranean
    Plant sizeCompact
    Flowers8 weeks
    Yields17 oz per 3x3ft
    Taste & SmellCitrus | Orange
    EffectsEuphoric | Happy | Uplifted | Energetic

    And despite having resinous buds, it provides a balanced high that energizes your mind and fills you with euphoria. 

    Although it may not have the same potent effects as other strains, its flavor and resin content are noteworthy enough to warrant its place as one of the best strains for bubble hash.

    Gelato Strain

    Buy Tropicana Cookies feminized seeds

    • 30% Indica 70% Sativa
    • High THC level towards 25%
    • A true treat for happy relaxation
    • Feminized seeds for guaranteed results

    Chemdawg Strain

    Chemdawg Strain

    Chemdawg is a potent strain known for its head high that gives way to a strong yet soothing relaxation experience. 

    Plant type80% Indica 20% Sativa
    THCUp to 25%
    CBDInsignificant amount
    ClimateIndoors | Steppe | Mediterranean
    Plant sizeTall
    Flowers8 weeks
    Yields14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft
    Taste & SmellDiesel | Pungent

    Its sedative properties are enhanced by the additional touches of euphoria and happiness that you get from each puff. 

    Outside of its potent effects, Chemdawg is also known for its strong diesel-like flavor with a lemon-pine aftertaste.

    Chemdawg Strain

    Buy Chemdawg feminized seeds

    • 80% Indica 20% Sativa
    • High THC level towards 25%
    • Fast flowering plant
    • Feminized seeds for guaranteed results

    Other options for making hash and concentrates

    When it comes to making extracts and concentrates, there are other methods. 

    One of these methods is solvent extraction, which involves heat, pressure, and a hydrocarbon solvent. 

    The main concern with making this type of extract is the risk. The process itself is dangerous, and it’s also illegal in some states.

    However, hydrocarbon extraction produces more products than all other options in terms of hash rosin yields. 

    It’s also a much more effective process for a more potent product. Another method for making concentrates is a fine screen or herb grinder. 

    This method produces kief, and it’s one of the few types of concentrates that new growers can make for themselves. 

    It doesn’t require any chemicals, heat, or pressure.

    Remember, solventless extraction is the best option if you’re looking for a safe way to make the gooey full-melt results that you get from hydrocarbon extraction. 

    This method requires only heat and pressure, which you can easily produce with a hair straightener. 

    Additionally, the solventless process preserves your buds’ flavor and smell,  which methods like hydrocarbon extraction usually lose.

    The process of making solventless hash oil is safe as it is easy. 

    You only need to press your freshly harvested buds between the hair straightener, making sure to use parchment baking paper to keep your ‘rosin extractors’ clean and free from resin.



    Rosin is a popular type of concentrate along with kief and other extracts like shatter and butane hash oil (BHO). 

    This type of cannabis preparation increases the potency of your buds and makes the most of your harvest.

    If you want to learn how to grow the most resin out of your strain, download my Grow Bible to start growing like a pro. 

    You can also buy all of the strains on this list at ILGM.com, where we offer a (growing) catalog of high-quality cannabis seeds. 

    Happy Growing,


    FAQ’s about the best strains for rosin

    What is the worst cannabis strain for pressing rosin?

    The worst type of strain you can press for rosin is those with low amounts of trichomes. Typically the best strains for hash rosin are indicas since they produce more trichomes than sativas.

    Can I press any strain of cannabis for rosin?

    Yes, however, your yield will vary depending on your strain. It’s important to consider these three factors when choosing a strain for rosin production: potency, flavor, and resin.

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