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Photosynthesis cannabis


It is essential for every marijuana grower to have a good understanding of the process of photosynthesis, because it’s the basis of all growth. If …

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marijuana Respiration


Just like humans, a marijuana plant has to breathe: take in oxygen from the air. This is used in the respiration that converts sugars and …

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Transplanting Marijuana


Depending on the size of the pots you’re using, you have to transplant your plants after a number of weeks. They can now go to …

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hydroponic system marijuana

How to install

It’s comparable to other professional systems I’ve seen, but this one looks even cooler because of the fluorescent green color. In this guide you will …

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topping cannabis


Topping is the removal of the latest shoot from the plant. This creates two main buds instead of one. The plant gets wider and lower …

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Humidity for marijuana plants


Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air, expressed in percentages. Humidity is very important to marijuana plants, because it determines the degree …

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fimming cannabis


Fimming is the partly removal of the latest shoot of a plant. This creates four main buds instead of just one. The plant gets wider …

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Pruning marijuana


Pruning your marijuana plants can have some advantages in certain cases, but it’s not necessary. In fact, it can even damage the plant and lower …

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Super Cropping Marijuana

Super cropping

Super cropping is a growing technique in which you deliberately damage the plant to increase its resin production. Another advantage of super cropping is the …

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Marijuana Scrogging


SCROG stands for SCReen Of Green. The idea is to place a screen above your plants and tie everything horizontally to the screen that grows …

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