lights for growing marijuana

Weed Grow Lights

Sufficient light is critical for the growth and production of marijuana plants. When growing marijuana, the rule of thumb is: 1% more light = 1% …
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temperature for marijuana plants


The temperature setting in a grow room is an important and complicated concept. Photosynthesis, build-up of sugars, respiration and growth all react differently to the …
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Humidity for marijuana plants


Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air, expressed in percentages. Humidity is very important to marijuana plants, because it determines the degree …
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Co2 for marijuana plants

Carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide is very important to a plant. A high concentration of CO2 in the air makes a faster growth possible. It’s vital that your …
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Ventilation for marijuana plants


In nature, wind is a very important factor for the reproduction of plants. It carries the pollen from the males to the pistils of the …
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