From Seed To Bud

germinating marijuana seeds

Germinating Cannabis Seeds

During this course I will teach you exactly how to germinate your seeds. Before you start growing, it’s nice to already have some basic knowledge …
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flowering marijuana plant

Flowering week 1 and 2

Once the leaves of your plants start touching, it’s time for them to flower. You do this by simply changing the light cycle to 12 …
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marijuana flowering weeks

Flowering week 3 and 4

After two weeks with 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, the plant stops growing and every bud starts to develop its first …
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marijuana flowering weeks 5 and 6

Flowering week 5 and 6

In this guide you will learn Flowering Day 64 Flowering Day 66 Flowering Day 68 Flowering Day 71 Flowering Day 73 Flowering Day 75 Day 64Day 68Day 73 Flowering started a month ago, …
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marijuana flowering weeks 7 and 8

Flowering week 7 and 8

Ripening is the most difficult phase. The buds need to ripen at this point in order to be harvested at the best possible moment. The …
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harvesting weed

Harvesting, drying and trimming

In this guide you will learn Time to harvest Drying day 1 – 12 Trimming Curing Storing marijuana Transporting Flowering timeMilkyPistils It’s time to harvest these marijuana plants. More than 70% of the …
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