Weed Grow Room Requirements

Weed Grow Room Requirements
requirements of marijuana grow room

A major advantage of growing indoors is that we can influence all factors a marijuana plant needs to optimally grow.

Outdoor temperatures change on a daily basis, but indoors we can determine how cold and warm it gets.

And the sunlight, something a plant can never get enough of, is often blocked by clouds.

Indoors we can however give our plants lots of sunlight through the lamps we place over them!

The grow room needs to meet a number of requirements to enable us to create a perfect climate.

In this course I will teach you exactly what’s needed to create a perfect climate.

I want to start by saying you can purchase readymade growing tents and greenhouses that meet all requirements.

These are great for beginners, because you won’t have to construct anything.

But it’s still important to understand why we have to create negative air pressure in the grow room and what the use of proper air circulation is.

Every room is, in principle, suitable for growing marijuana. I’ve grown on attics, in basements, bedrooms and closets.

Lightproof tent for marijuana grow room

I also know people who converted bookcases and filing cabinets into marijuana grow rooms.

So basically every room will do, as long as it meets a number of requirements.

First of all, it’s important that the room is lightproof. During the vegetative stage, the plants need 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness.

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During the flowering stage it’s 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

Especially during the flowering stage it’s important that no light reaches the plants, because this could cause them to revert back into the vegetative stage.

So try to look at your plants as little as possible during periods of darkness.

They won’t revert back into the vegetative stage at the first ray of light, but it does cause stress to the plant.

Airtight for marijuana grow room

If you want to look at the plant during the dark period, make sure you use green light.

The leaves of marijuana plants are green, because they reflect green light and therefore don’t absorb it. So green light is harmless.

It’s also important that the room is airtight.

Marijuana plants can develop a very strong smell during the flowering stage, and the marijuana smell can spread for dozens of yards, so even if you live in a detached house, the smell could still reach your neighbors.

So make sure that no air escapes the room, apart from the air that goes through a carbon filter and purifies the air.

Ventilation Air exhaust for marijuana grow room
Air extraction

It’s also smart to install an air extractor. The lamps generate a lot of heat that has to be carried off.

Place a filter on the extractor to eliminate the distinctive smell.

So you need an extractor to manage the climate and to prevent odor nuisance.

Marijuana plants use CO2 and convert this into sugars and oxygen.

There is a standard of 350 ppm (parts per million) CO2 in the air, but the plants will quickly use this in a closed room, and once it’s no longer available, the photosynthesis slows down and so does the development of the plant.

Ventilation Air inlet for marijuana grow room
Fresh air

That’s why it’s important to have a hole in your room to allow fresh air to come in.

If you have an air extractor, it will automatically suck in fresh air through the hole.

Another advantage is that this air is usually colder than the air in the room, so it’ll cool off the room a bit.

Fresh air really is one of the most important prerequisites for a successful harvest, because plants can never have enough CO2.

And the more CO2, the faster they grow and the better they’ll flower.

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Additionally heating up the room is almost never necessary when the lights are on. But it can get quite cold in the room once they’re off.

Especially because the air extractor has to keep running – even though it’s on a low setting – so fresh air from outside will be sucked in.

Your grow room might have regular heaters with a thermostat, but it’s best to use an electric heater with thermostat. These will only turn on when the lights are off and the temperature drops.

Since you’re sucking in fresh air that’s rich in CO2, it’s important to properly distribute this through the room.

Heating for marijuana grow room

It is also a lot warmer underneath the lamp than in the rest of the room. You should therefore place a small fan next to the plants and aim it between the lamp and the plant.

The fan will blow away some of the heat under the lamp and distributes the air through the room, so the temperature will be the same in every spot.

The fan therefore also makes sure that all plants receive enough CO2.

Ventilation for marijuana grow room
Air distribution

It’s also beneficial to the plants if they move a little because of the flow of air.

In this way, they create stronger stems to guard themselves against possible strong winds.

It’s also good to have a proper flow of air to prevent bugs, fungi and diseases. Cold, moist spots without a flow of air are hotbeds for fungi and bugs.

It’s always smart to make sure the floor of your grow room is waterproof.

Some water will always leak from the pots when watering your plants. It’s also nice to spray the floor with a little layer of water to create a high humidity.

Waterproof floor for marijuana grow room
Waterproof floor

I usually use pond liner to waterproof the floor. You can get this at garden centers and it’s super strong material.

The more light a marijuana plant receives, the better it will grow and the higher the yield will be. It’s therefore a good idea to have white walls.

The color black absorbs light and white reflects light. If you have white walls, the light that shines to the sides is therefore not lost, but is reflected in the direction of your plants.

Mylar or panda foil are excellent products, developed for their reflecting properties.

They’re also waterproof and it’ll be no problem if it gets wet when spraying your plants or when you spray them to increase the humidity a bit.

If you’ve never grown before, I understand this is a lot of information to take in, and you might not really know where to start. Grow tents can solve all of these problems for you.

Reflecting walls for marijuana grow room
Reflecting walls

These tents are specially developed to grow marijuana indoors. They are airtight and lightproof and can be zipped shut.

The tent has a hole for the air exhaust and a smaller one for the supply of fresh air.

The walls and floor are water proof and made of reflecting materials. The ceiling has a framework to attach your lamp and air extractor to.

I recommend everyone to use a grow tent. They come in all sizes and are set up within a half hour.

The tent will cost about the same as making an area airtight and lightproof.

You’d have to close all windows with boards, but leave them open a little bit for fresh air.

Also, you’d have to put up mylar on the walls, place pond liner on the floor and create a frame for your filter and lamps.

Grow tents for marijuana grow room
Grow tents

A good tent for 1 x 600 watt lamp will cost you between $60 and $100.

But this will save you a lot of trouble, and you’ll know for sure it meets all requirements to achieve a high yield.

Another major advantage is that you can place this type of tent in the living room, without having to close your curtains.

If you place a curtain or folding screen in front of it, you could even invite your mother in law over for some coffee ?

These grow tents contain all the equipment you need to start growing marijuana.

In the next chapter a list with all the gear you need to install your grow room