Installing your cannabis grow room

Installing your cannabis grow room
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In this course I teach you how to install a growing room. It’s not difficult at all if you know what to look out for and how to install and configure all your equipment.

I always use grow tents, because these meet all requirements; they’re lightproof, airtight, waterproof, have reflecting walls and are easy to set up.

A growing tent is just as expensive as building your own room, since you don’t have to buy any wood, mylar, pond liner and other materials.

Feel free to ask our experts on the forum for advice in case you want to build your own grow room.

Setting up the Tent

Everyone can set up a grow tent; it’s super easy. If you carefully read the manual, you’ll have yours set up within 10 minutes.

Building your own grow room can easily take a couple of days. This is a 4 by 4 foot tent.

Install air exhaust an filter

We need to install an air extractor to get rid of the heat the lamps generate.

A carbon filter is attached to the extractor to prevent a marijuana smell in the air that’s being blown out of the tent.

The extractor and filter both have a capacity of 440 CFM.

The grow room also requires cool air that’s rich in CO2, so we have to install an air inlet. Both extractors are connected to a fan speed controller with a thermostat.

This controller makes sure the extractors work harder when the maximum set temperature is reached.

In this way it can never get too warm in your grow room.

You can blow the hot air directly into the room the tent is in.

If you do this, you however have to make sure that you extract fresh air from outside.

Hang your inlet air duct hose out a window or put it under an open window.

Always make sure the filter is properly connected to the extractor so you don’t blow any marijuana smell outside.

A ducting clamp with some tape over it suffices.

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Install air inlet

You need to blow fresh air from outside into the growing room to provide your plants with fresh air that’s rich in CO2.

Install an inlet and make sure you blow the fresh air inside from the bottom of the room.

The capacity of your inlet should be half the capacity of your extractor.

This is to create negative air pressure to prevent air from escaping your room.

Place the other part of the tube under an open window so you can let cold air in.

Attach the speed controller in the room and connect the extractor and inlet to it.

Set the temperature to 77 degrees. Set the min button to 20% and the max button to 90% capacity.

Install air inlet fan speed controller for marijuana grow room
Speed controller

With this setup, the extractors will work at 20% of their capacity when it’s colder than 77 degrees and at 90% capacity when the temperature rises above 77.

The speed controller in the picture above indicates the temperature in Celsius, which is why it’s set to 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit).

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Install light

Place the other part of the tube under an open window so you can let cold air in.

You see an power cable running to the right in this picture below.

This is the cable that connects the lamp to the ballast.

The cable that comes out the back of the ballast should be plugged in to the time switch. And the time switch is plugged into the socket in the wall.

You can use the time switch to decide when the lamp should be turned on and off.

Install light and connect lamp to ballast for marijuana grow room
Connect time switch to ballast

The time switch in this picture ensures the lamp is off between 11AM to 5PM. The white arrow indicates the time, it’s 4:45PM, so the lamp will automatically turn on in fifteen minutes.

When the red pin slides up, the lamps is always on, and if you slide it down, the lamps are off. If the red pin is in the center, it will stick to the set times.

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Final steps

The extractors and lighting are installed. All you need to do now is hang some little fans to distribute the air through the room.

The tents are delivered with waterproof flooring, so you could put this in. It’s also possible to hang a little heater in case it gets too cold when the lights are off.

Now it’s a good idea to test the climate in your grow room.

Put a thermometer in the tent, make sure the regulator is set up correctly, turn on the lighting and close the tent.

Check from time to time how warm it gets and adjust your regulator to this.

Now you’re ready to start growing. Read the next article about hydro and soil.

For this growing course, I grew my first harvest in soil because it’s cheaper and easier than hydro.

Head over to the course from seed to bud if you want to start germinating. Good luck!