Cannabis Plant Biology

what is marijuana plant

What is a marijuana plant

Virtually all life on earth is made possible by plants. If there were no plants, there wouldn’t be any people or animals. This is because …
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Photosynthesis cannabis


It is essential for every marijuana grower to have a good understanding of the process of photosynthesis, because it’s the basis of all growth. If …
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marijuana Respiration


Just like humans, a marijuana plant has to breathe: take in oxygen from the air. This is used in the respiration that converts sugars and …
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Osmosis cannabis


In this guide you will learn What is osmosis? Absorption of nutrients through osmosis Reverse osmosis Turgor and plasmolysis Osmosis is an important process for a marijuana plant. It keeps …
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inside marijuana plant

Transport inside the plant

In this guide you will learn Xylem Phloems Loading and unloading phloem Sending sugars to the right location Storage of sugars A properly functioning transportation system in the plant creates a …
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Stomata on marijuana


The leaves of marijuana plants are covered with stomata. These stomata are only found on the underside of the leaf and aren’t visible to the …
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Cannabis plant cell structure


In this guide you will learn The structure of a cell Chloroplasts Production of substances in the cell The vacuole and the nucleus Cooperation between cells Cells are the smallest, independent …
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DNA marijuana


Everyone knows by now that DNA is the molecule that contains all genetic information. All living organisms have DNA. In nature, the exact content of …
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