Plant Care

Symptoms of marijuana plant problems

Marijuana Plant Symptom Checker

This symptom checker will help you to quickly identify marijuana plant problems and easily diagnose sick marijuana plants! Marijuana Plant Symptoms Checker for Diseases, Stress, & …
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problem fixing in marijuana plants

Cannabis Plant Problems

The following possible solutions were specially made to fix a whole host of plant problems and will help you to get your plant(s) healthy again. …
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Nutrients for marijuana plants

Best Cannabis Nutrients

A plant can create its own food from water, CO2 and sunlight. But to optimally grow and flower, the plant needs additional fertilizers. Outside, in …
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understanding marijuana leaves

Cannabis Leaves

The leaves are the most important organs of a marijuana plant, because this is where photosynthesis takes place. In this process sunlight causes the leaves …
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Diseases on marijuana plants

Bud Rot

Fungi and diseases are very annoying and they can cause major damage to your marijuana plants. Most diseases are very treatable, but there are some …
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Pests on marijuana


In this guide you will learn Growing outdoors Rabbits Slugs Lice Growing indoors Spider mites Thrips RabbitsSnailSpider mites Eventually, every grower will experience bugs. It’s especially hard to protect your plants against bugs outside. …
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understanding marijuana root system

The root system

In this guide you will learn Function of the roots How to grow strong roots Root problems Function of the rootsHow to grow strong rootsRoot problems You only see half …
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