Super cropping

Super cropping
Super Cropping Marijuana

Super cropping is a growing technique in which you deliberately damage the plant to increase its resin production.

Another advantage of super cropping is the ability to keep your plants more compact, so they can use light more efficiently.

You have to squeeze the stem of the plant and then bend it without breaking.

This branch will start to grow horizontally and will create more side branches.

It will eventually grow upwards again towards the light, so the process could be repeated.

In this article I will explain how super cropping exactly works, what the advantages are and how to do it.

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How does super cropping work

You need to know why marijuana plants produce resin in order to understand how super cropping works.

In nature, marijuana plants produce resin to protect themselves.

This resin contains various substances, such as the psychoactive substances THC and CBD, so the more resin the better.

The leaves and buds of the plant have thousands of little glands, each producing a tiny droplet of resin.

Heat of the sun softens the resin and lets it pour all over the buds and leaves.

The plant uses this mechanism to protect itself from dehydration, cold temperatures and pests & bugs.

If a marijuana plant is damaged it will initiate its defense mechanism and produce more resin to protect itself.

Us growers can use this to our advantage by slightly damaging the plant the correct way, which is exactly what we do when we super crop.

Why super cropping

You could super crop your plants to increase your yield, because the more resin your plants produce, the heavier your buds will be and the stronger your marijuana will become.

I know a lot of growers who super crop their plants some weeks before harvesting to increase their yield. I’ve done it many times before as well.

Another reason to super crop is to make your plants become wider, so they can use light more efficiently.

By super cropping the half of the plant is snapped so the top part becomes horizontal.

All side branches will grow upwards, thereby creating a bigger surface area.

This is a useful method if you’re allowed to grow only a small number of plants.

I often use this technique when my plants are growing too close to the lamp and I can’t hang the lamp any higher.

Especially Sativa dominant strains are renowned for the fact they can get very high.

It’s always difficult to predict how much they’ll continue to grow after forcing them into the flowering stage.

So if your plants are getting too tall and grow too close the lamp, super cropping is always an option.

How to super crop

Super cropping is super simple. You have to carefully snap the branch without breaking it.

This is done by pinching the stem between your thumb and index finger.

You then bend the stem in the direction you want it to go until it’s horizontal.

Make sure you always bend above the middle of the stem, at about two-thirds of the way up.

It’s possible that the branch breaks, but this is not a huge deal. It takes time in the beginning to get a good feel for it.

You can fix a broken branch with a bit of tape.

The plant will most likely recover from the fracture. You could put a bit of tape on everything to be sure.

You can practically always super crop your plants.

If you’re using this growing technique to keep your plants more compact, you should wait until they’re about a foot tall.

You also shouldn’t super crop them anymore after the first week of flowering, because the plant will have stopped growing and the side branches won’t grow upwards any longer.

If you decide to super crop purely for the increased production of resin, it’s best to do it a number of weeks before harvest.

This is because they produce the most resin at this time.

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I hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful.

If you’ve never tried this technique before, I advise you to start with only a couple of plants, so you can see the results and how the plants further develops after super cropping them.

You can always forum to ask questions or share your own experiences.