watering marijuana for growth

Watering Marijuana Plants

Life isn’t possible without water. Water contains dissolved nutrients and can be absorbed through the roots. When you water marijuana, It circulates through the entire …
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growing marijuana in soil

Grow schedule soil-Basic

This schedule is suitable for people growing in pre-fertilized soil. The schedule starts on the day you place your cuttings or seedlings in your grow …
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Nutrient Solution for marijuana

Making a nutrient solution

In this guide you will learn Shopping list How to make a nutrient solution The abbreviation EC stands for Electric Conductivity. The EC value represents the salt content …
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testing water ph levels

What is pH

In this guide you will learn The importance of the right pH How to measure the pH Increasing or decreasing the pH value Measuring the pH of your soil Measuring …
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Testing water Electric Conductivity

What is EC

In this guide you will learn The importance of the correct EC value How to measure the EC value? Measuring the EC value of your soil Measuring the EC …
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