The 10 Best Strains to Get Rid of Nausea

Cannabis strains rich in THC and CBD are sought-after for their natural ability to reduce nausea and soothe upset stomachs. Select strains offer quick nausea relief with minimal unwanted effects. For effective symptom management, consider the best strains tailored for nausea relief.

The 10 Best Strains to Get Rid of Nausea

If you regularly suffer from nausea, cannabis may offer a natural way to curb that queasy feeling.  Studies show the compounds Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) found in cannabis help mitigate nausea by dampening the effects of serotonin. The same compound that's responsible for regulating your brain's mood and keeping you calm and happy may also make you feel queasy and sick. But only in cases where your body releases serotonin into your guts faster than it can digest it.

Many cannabis strains have THC and CBD, making it a popular option when you're looking for a natural remedy that can alleviate nausea and calm an upset stomach.

However, the best cannabis strains for nausea relief settle the unease faster with fewer of the effects you don't want. When you're looking to alleviate symptoms, here are some of the best strains for nausea symptoms.

We are not an authority on medical matters, and this article is not medical advice. We are, instead, sharing insights from external medical and scientific research. Keep in mind responses to medical Cannabis can vary widely, and it is a good idea to consult a medical professional prior to use. Our content is no replacement for expert advice—please use it responsibly.

Agent Orange

Agent Orange is a sativa-dominant strain with a THC level of around 15% to 19% and a CBD level of 1%. The studies done on cannabinoids like THC suggest it may be able to provide nausea relief by interacting with the receptors that trigger feelings of queasiness when the stomach is unable to keep up with the release of serotonin(3).

Agent Orange Feminized Seeds

Agent Orange seeds are known for growing buds with a sweet flavor and fragrant aroma. This slightly sativa leaning hybrid is a balanced blend that is uplifting and motivating.

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Beyond its supposed antiemetic effects, Agent Orange also has other standout qualities. For one, its terpene profile contains myrcene as its main component, followed by caryophyllene and terpinolene. This gives Agent Orange the distinct blend of lime and lemon flavors with hints of spiciness.

You can expect the typical euphoric buzz and energizing high that you get from smoking sativa and sativa-hybrids, but Agent Orange also makes you feel more talkative.

As you chat away, you'll feel an increase in appetite as well. If you're looking for a flavorful weed strain that can clear that queasy feeling and stimulate appetite, try Agent Orange.

Agent Orange cultivar profile

Plant type 45% indica 55% sativa
THC Up to 19%
CBD Insignificant amounts
Difficulty Moderate
Climate Indoors | Steppe | Mold Resistant
Plant size Tall
Vegetative stage 4 to 8 weeks
Flowering time 8 to 9 weeks
Yields 16 to 19 oz per plant
Effects Uplifting
Terpenes D-Limonene | Terpinolene | Myrcene | Caryophyllene | Carene

Blueberry CBD

Blueberry CBD is another noteworthy cannabis strain when it comes to combating nausea. Unlike Agent Orange, Blueberry CBD focuses mainly on marijuana’s therapeutic effects. This CBD variant of the existing marijuana strain has very little THC.

Blueberry CBD Feminized Seeds

Blueberry CBD is a potent high-CBD indica-dominant Cannabis strain. It delivers a unique euphoria while also providing relief. It's very popular due to its tantalizing blueberry flavor and fruity aroma.

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Research surrounding cannabis has suggested that, like THC, CBD may also help treat nausea and vomiting by interacting with the same receptor (5-HT3)(1) that THC does. If anything, CBD may be more effective at managing nausea and motion sickness.

Although you won't get the same high from smoking this CBD variant as you would with the regular strain, Blueberry CBD still offers the same flavors. One toke will have you smacking your lips with a delicious palate of sweet blueberries with notes of pine and woodiness.

Blueberry CBD cultivar profile

Plant type 80% indica 20% sativa
THC <1% (deviations may occur)
CBD up to 16%
Difficulty Moderate
Climate Indoors | Mediterranean
Plant size Tall
Flowers 9 weeks
Yields 18 to 25 oz per plant
Taste and Smell Berry | Earthy | Fruity | Pine | Sweet
Effects Euphoric | Happy | Relaxed | Sleepy
Terpenes Myrcene | Caryophyllene | Alpha-Pinene | Beta-Pinene | Linalool


Another high CBD strain is Cannatonic, a balanced hybrid strain with a CBD level of 9% and a relatively low THC level of 4%. Because of the presence of THC in Cannatonic, it provides an uplifting and relaxing high, although it's short-lived and mild. It’s the perfect strain to aid with nausea relief, and it also helps you unwind with its mellow buzz.

Cannatonic Feminized Seeds

The typical Cannatonic strain is a hybrid produced by crossing the female MK Ultra and the popular G13 Haze male. It was bred for its high CBD content (up to 12%) and high THC content, up to 6%.

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It is important to note, though, for long-time smokers, the low THC levels in Cannatonic may not be enough to induce a relaxing and uplifting high due to the tolerance they have built up over the years. With heavy cannabis consumption, the receptors that THC affects (CB1) get reduced over time, which builds up tolerance. They regenerate, but only after one stays away from cannabis products for a 4-week time period.

However, tolerance caused by overconsumption of cannabis doesn't mean you lose out on the potential antiemetic properties of CBD and THC. This is because the receptor (5-HT3) that the cannabinoids dampen is different from the receptor (CB1) that triggers the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

Cannatonic cultivar profile

Plant type 50% indica 50% sativa
THC Up to 6%
CBD Up to 12%
Difficulty Easy
Climate Indoors | Continental
Plant size Tall
Vegetative stage 4 to 8 weeks
Flowering time 10 to 11 weeks
Yields 14 to 18 oz per plant
Taste and Smell Herbal | Pine | Peppery
Effects Relaxing | Happy | Uplifted
Terpenes Linalool | Beta-Pinene | Valencene | D-Limonene | Caryophyllene


To say that Harlequin is the last of our CBD dominant strains on this list would be somewhat of a lie. Because while Harlequin does possess a high CBD content of around 7% to 12%, it also contains the same amount of THC. This is funny, considering Harlequin is a Sativa-hybrid, and sativa strains are known for their imbalanced THC-to-CBD ratio. Yet here we have a strain that has equal parts CBD and THC.

Harlequin Feminized Seeds

Harlequin is a sativa-dominant hybrid offering the best sativa and indica qualities. This strain delivers very effective medicinal uses with its reasonably high CBD levels.

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The balanced cannabinoid ratio means this sativa-hybrid won't give you as strong of a buzz as you might like. However, it still provides a clear-headed cerebral high that leaves you feeling relaxed and uplifted. And with its high CBD and THC levels, it may produce antiemetic properties by dampening your 5-HT3 receptors.

Its terpene profile is also worth noting. This sativa-hybrid has myrcene as its main terpene, followed by pinene and caryophyllene. Myrcene may contribute to Harlequin's soothing effects, while caryophyllene is said to help with pain and pinene with anxiety.

Harlequin cultivar profile

Plant type 80% sativa 20% indica
THC Up to 7%
CBD 10 to 15%
Difficulty Moderate
Climate Indoors | Temperate | Continental
Plant size Tall
Vegetative stage 4 to 8 weeks
Flowering time 8 to 9 weeks
Yields 14 to 17 ounce per plant
Taste and Smell Sweet | Earthy | Mango | Spicy | Woody
Effects Uplifting | Energizing | Creativity
Terpenes Myrcene | Beta-Pinene | Caryophyllene | Geraniol | Alpha-Pinene

OG Kush

Moving back to high-THC weed strains, we have OG Kush. This Indica-dominant strain has a THC level of up to 23% and causes a body buzz that leaves consumers feeling deeply relaxed and sleepy. It also produces an uplifting and cerebral high that leaves people euphoric. The high THC levels also give it antiemetic qualities.

OG Kush Feminized Seeds

OG Kush produces a mood-elevating, heavy euphoria making it great for people looking to wash away stress. Its blend of 75% indica and 25% sativa brings a balance between physical and mental experience.

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Out of OG Kush’s numerous effects, many appreciate its impact on hunger. After a sesh from this indica-hybrid, you'll feel the munches immediately- clearing that queasy feeling and putting you in the mood to eat.

While we're on the subject of food, if you love the flavor and smell of lemons, you'll definitely want to try OG Kush or it's autoflower variant. It has the strong taste of citrus alongside notes of pines and earthy flavors. It's a refreshing, tangy blend that pairs well with any snack you like to munch on.

OG Kush cultivar profile

Plant type 75% indica 25% sativa
THC Up to 19%
CBD Insignificant amounts
Difficulty Moderate
Climate Indoors | Mediterranean | Continental | Steppe
Plant size Compact
Vegetative stage 4 to 8 weeks
Flowering time 8 to 9 weeks
Yields 16 to 17 oz per plant
Taste and Smell Earthy | Herbal | Lemon | Pine | Sour | Spicy
Effects Euphoric | Happy | Hungry | Relaxed | Uplifted
Terpenes Humulene | D-Limonene | Caryophyllene | Beta-Pinene | Myrcene

Jack Herer

When it comes to bringing an uplifting buzz, nothing beats Jack Herer. This Sativa-hybrid provides an invigorating and uplifting head high that will give you the boost you need to either get the day rolling or pick it up when it drives on too long. Its cerebral buzz also puts you in the right headspace to get your creative juices flowing, so if you're stuck with writer's block or artist's block, a sesh with this strain will sort you out.

Jack Herer Feminized Seeds

Jack Herer is one of the most popular strains in the world. It was first bred for marijuana patients due to genetics that delivered happy and soothing feelings combined with potent properties for therapeutic use.

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Jack Herer (Jack Herer and autoflower) also packs quite the punch, with THC levels that range from 15% to 19%. As studies have said, this may mean that it will dampen the 5-HT3 receptors in your body that can trigger feelings of nausea.

Jack Herer has terpinolene as its main terpene, followed by caryophyllene and pinene. This means outside of its effects, you may also love Jack Herer for its taste and aroma, blending earthy and woody notes with hints of citrus, pine, and spicy flavors.

Jack Herer cultivar profile

Plant type 40% indica 60% sativa
THC Up to 20%
CBD Insignificant amounts
Difficulty Easy
Climate Indoors | Mediterranean | Mold Resistant
Plant size Tall
Vegetative stage 4 to 8 weeks
Flowering time 9 weeks
Yields 16 to 18 oz per plant
Taste and Smell Earthy | Fruity | Lemon | Pepper | Pine | Spicy | Woody
Effects Creative | Energetic | Euphoric | Happy | Uplifted
Terpenes Caryophyllene | Terpinolene | Myrcene | Ocimene | Carene


If you're looking for flavorful cannabis strains for nausea, the next four cultivars may be just what you're looking for. Let’s start with Mimosa, a sativa-hybrid with a high THC level that ranges from 20% to 22% and packs a punch that leaves consumers feeling energized and euphoric. It's a great wake-and-bake strain that euphorically melts stress and rids you of fatigue with its invigorating high.

Mimosa Feminized Seeds

Combining a citrus strain with the therapeutic Purple Punch, Mimosa delivers relaxing yet uplifting effects that any Cannabis consumer will love.

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And much like a glass of the cocktail, this sativa-hybrid has the smooth and tangy flavor of sour oranges with notes of spice. Its smoke also has a citrusy aroma, which coincidentally has been proven in an aromatherapy study to have some effect in reducing feelings of nausea and vomiting.

Mimosa's terpene profile is myrcene, followed by caryophyllene and pinene. Myrcene and pinene give Mimosa (also in autoflower version) its earthy and citrusy flavor with notes of pine, while caryophyllene adds a spicy flavor.

Mimosa cultivar profile

Plant type 40% indica 60% sativa
THC Up to 24%
CBD Insignificant amounts
Difficulty Easy
Climate Indoors | Temperate | Continental | Mold Resistant
Plant size Average
Vegetative stage 4 to 8 weeks
Flowering time 8 to 10 weeks
Yields 12 to 16 oz per plant
Taste and Smell Citrus | Tropical | Fruity
Effects Energetic | Talkative | Giggly | Creative | Euphoric
Terpenes Limonene | Myrcene
Cannabis Cup Winners 2022 Leafly Strain of the Year

Orange Bud

Terpenes make it tasty, and this citrus strain has plenty of them. Orange Bud has limonene as its main terpene, followed by ocimene and linalool. It gives this Skunk #1 phenotype a strong citrus fruit flavor and aroma that rivals its skunkiness.

Orange Bud Feminized Seeds

When it comes to all-time classic flavors, Orange Bud seeds has to be at the top of the list. Its taste and aroma are truly distinct, touching people's lives everywhere.

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Based on aromatherapy, Orange Bud may have greater antiemetic qualities than Mimosa. Of the terpenes mentioned in the study, those found in the lemon essential oils, including limonene, offered high nausea-fighting potential. 

But Orange Bud offers more than a supposed remedy for nausea. As a Sativa-dominant strain, this Holland staple brings a heady buzz that will have you feeling creative and energized. And if you love a glass of orange juice in the morning, its distinct flavor and aroma make for a great wake-and-bake strain.

Orange Bud cultivar profile

Plant type 50% indica 50% sativa
THC Up to 23%
CBD Insignificant amount
Difficulty Moderate
Climate Indoors
Plant size Average
Vegetative stage 4 to 8 weeks
Flowering time 8 to 9 weeks
Yields 9 to 14 oz per plant
Taste and Smell Orange
Effects Uplifted
Terpenes D-Limonene | Ocimene | Linalool | Myrcene | phellandrene

Sour Diesel

For those with an acquired taste for gas cannabis strains, you'll love Sour Diesel. As its name implies, this sativa-dominant strain has a unique flavor profile with hints of gas. But it also has a distinct taste and aroma of lemons, which is where the sour in its name comes from. Plus, from the aromatherapy point of view, its terpenes may help combat nausea. It even comes in an autoflower variant!

Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds

Are you looking for an energetic, fun, and psychedelic high? Then you are going to love Sour Diesel seeds! Known around the world as 'Sour D', there's no mistaking its fuel-forward scent.

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That said, Sour Diesel isn't just all flavor. It packs quite the punch, too, with THC levels of around 20%. When smoked, this sativa-hybrid will have you feeling energized and chatty. And because of its high THC levels, it may also help with relieving nausea by dampening your 5-HT3 receptors.

Sour Diesel's terpene profile contains limonene, which gives the cultivar its lemony notes. But its main terpene is caryophyllene, followed by myrcene, terpenes that provide the sweet and spicy flavors you’ll notice when consuming Sour Diesel.

Sour Diesel cultivar profile

Plant type 40% indica 60% sativa
THC Up to 20% THC
CBD Insignificant amounts
Difficulty Hard
Climate Indoors | Continental | Steppe | Mediterranean
Plant size Tall
Vegetative stage 4 to 8 weeks
Flowering time 9 to 10 weeks
Yields 16 oz per plant
Taste and Smell Diesel | Earthy | Herbal | Lemon | Pungent | Sour
Effects Energetic | Euphoric | Happy | Relaxed | Uplifted
Terpenes Caryophyllene | D-Limonene | Beta-Pinene | Myrcene | Alpha-Pinene

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze is a sativa-dominant strain that contains THC levels that range from 15% to 20%. It is widely enjoyed by enthusiasts and connoisseurs for its potent head high that energizes and uplifts.

Super Lemon Haze Feminized Seeds

Among the various strains of marijuana, Super Lemon Haze has held its own in the marijuana market for years. The Cannabis Cup winner has earned worldwide popularity that has not wavered despite the creation of new strains.

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The euphoric and invigorating buzz it brings also sets the mood for creative ideas to start flowing, so if you feel like you're in a rut, a sesh from this sativa-hybrid may help. And if you’re nauseous, Super Lemon Haze (auto or photo) may eliminate that queasiness with its citrusy aroma and flavor. Not to mention its high THC levels, which may shield the receptors in your stomach that trigger that sick feeling.

You would think that Super Lemon Haze's main terpene would be limonene, but in reality, it's terpinolene. It shares the same citrusy taste and smell as limonene but has a lingering sweet taste and hints of pine. Its other terpenes are caryophyllene, which gives Super Lemon Haze its spicy aftertaste, and myrcene, which enhances its sweet flavors.

Super Lemon Haze cultivar profile

Plant type 20% indica 80% sativa
THC Up to 22%
CBD Insignificant amounts
Difficulty Moderate
Climate Indoors | Mediterranean | Mold Resistant
Plant size Tall
Vegetative stage 4 to 8 weeks
Flowering time 9 to 10 weeks
Yields 21 to 25 oz per plant
Taste and Smell Citrus | Herbal | Sweet
Terpenes Caryophyllene | Terpinolene | Myrcene | Humulene | Carene

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