The Highest-Yielding Autoflower Strains (And Where to Buy the Seeds)

Utilizing high-yielding autoflower strains provides a range of benefits. The short vegetative and flowering time of autoflowers also allows for a faster turnaround. That means, possibly, more harvests within the same grow season.

The Highest-Yielding Autoflower Strains (And Where to Buy the Seeds)

Most growers apply a vast amount of pride and care to get the best out of their crops, with aspirations of raising strong, healthy plants. As cause and effect dictate, what you get in the end can directly reflect the love and effort you put in. Although, at the end of the day, the real bragging rights depend on who can reap the largest yield.

The average yield of any Cannabis plant rests on a few determining factors, such as growing conditions, environment, plant size, phenotype (strain), and of course, the grower’s skill. These factors are manageable, some more than others; however, picking the right strain can certainly give you an edge. Utilizing  high-yielding autoflower strains provides a range of benefits that we will break down in this article.

Quick recap: What are autoflower strains?

Autoflower strains are cultivars that have been crossbred with the ruderalis Cannabis variety. Ruderalis is not a photoperiod plant, meaning it does not rely on seasonal light cycles to initiate flowering. Let's answer some of the most frequently asked questions about high yielding autoflower strains.

How often should you water autoflowers? 

As your plant increases in size, it will require more water. However,  many other factors, such as drainage, humidity, and soil type, will influence your plant’s water needs. During germination, your plant should require 3-7 ounces every 4-7 days. The vegetative stage will need up to 20 ounces every 2-4 days and 24-50 ounces every 2-3 days for flowering. 

Do autoflowers take longer in bigger pots? 

Let's clear this up once and for all: autoflower plants don't take longer to grow in bigger pots at all. In fact, you should start your high-yielding autoflower plants from seeds in bigger pots. That way, the plant can use the available space as it grows, allowing for better root development. You also eliminate any extra stress on your plant from unnecessary transplanting that would only hinder your plants’ growth and reduce your end yield.

What nutrients should I use for autoflowering seeds? 

Giving your plants the right nutrients at the right time can bring out the best in the highest-yield autoflower strains. Providing your plants with nutrients high in nitrogen but low in phosphorus and potassium will benefit your plant during the vegetative phase. Raising your phosphorus and potassium while lowering nitrogen during the flowering stage will give it the boost it needs. 

How long do autoflowers take to yield? 

Even though autoflowers are carefully crafted to make cultivation as easy and predictable as possible, there will still be variations from strain to strain regarding flowering time. However, with the highest-yielding autoflowering strains, the flowering phase can generally be expected around 8-10 weeks in.

Easiest Autoflowers Strains to Grow - ILGM
Here’s some information on the easiest autoflower strains to grow, the best strain to start with, and why you should grow autoflower strains!

What is a realistic autoflower yield, and how to get more out of them?

One of the most common questions about autoflowering plants is how much yield can I expect from a single autoflower plant? The answer is, perhaps a little unsatisfactory: the final yield of your crop will ultimately depend on the various factors that go into cultivating Cannabis. Attentive care and nurturing go a long way and tends to show in the results. As a loose rule-of-thumb, you can say that an average single autoflower plant yields around 5 oz (140 grams) indoors and 7 oz (200 grams) outdoors. Again, this highly depends on how much TLC and expertise you put into your grow. If you really know what you're doing, it is possible to yield up to 15 oz per plant!

Although autoflower strains often produce less than photoperiod strains, there are upsides to utilizing autoflowers over the alternative, with various methods to maximize your yield. Growing your autoflowering strains indoors will give you greater control over temperature and humidity management, allowing you to create the optimum environment for your plants to thrive. The short vegetative and flowering time of autoflowers also allows for a faster turnaround. That means, possibly, more harvests within the same grow season. 

Another great way to give your autoflowering plants the upper hand is by adding root stimulants like mycorrhizal fungi to your super soil mix. This helps your plants’ root systems become hardy and healthy, increasing nutrient uptake. ILGM’s fertilizer line is a prime way to give your plant all it needs to be the biggest-yielding autoflower.

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Our high-yielding autoflower Cannabis strains to grow at home

Through meticulous research and a dedication to providing only premium quality seeds, ILGM has found some of the highest-yielding autoflowering strains on the market. The White Widow autoflower strain is a mood-boosting hybrid strain that’s easy to grow and can generate yields of up to 5 oz. Its THC content averages 19%, making it strong enough for beginners and veteran smokers.

White Widow autoflower seeds

White Widow autoflower seeds make it even easier for you to grow this classic Cannabis strain at home! It delivers those chill happy vibes that many people associate with marijuana.

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Another big yield autoflower is the Critical Mass autoflower strain, which is an indica-heavy hybrid with a high THC content to match. Dropping your stresses and raising your vibes with an average 22% THC level, this tasty treat has a strong flavor of citrus wrapped in pure sweetness and skunk. It grows with relative ease and, if well maintained, can have an average yield of 5 oz.

Critical Mass autoflower seeds

Critical Mass autoflower seeds produce a robust indica hybrid with potent buds. It's a second-generation auto-flowering strain that combines popular indica varieties.

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Our special Super Autoflower Mix

As modern technology grows in leaps and bounds before our very eyes, the development of every industry is raised with it, as we currently see with the Cannabis industry. Exciting innovations have led to new methods of cultivation as well as seed development. Super autoflowers are an expression of that development, being some of the biggest yielding autoflowers we’ve seen.

If you want to dive into the history of autoflowers and their future development, we invite you to read our story on the evolution of autoflowering seeds, which details the history of Cannabis ruderalis.

The History of Autoflowers
Discover how autoflowers were created and how the use of Ruderalis led to the development of this unique type of cannabis plant.

Autoflowering seeds were produced with three things in mind.

  1. Keep them compact, thus providing growers with minimal space and the opportunity to embark on the cultivating adventure.
  2. Keep the plant’s life cycle short, allowing growers to have more crops in a season. 
  3. Take control over the flowering phase by eliminating the plant’s reliance on seasonal light cycles.

Super autoflowering strains bring all the qualities of regular autoflowers and more by growing to a larger stature than their compact-height counterparts. They are virtually in the same league as photoperiod plants with all the benefits of an autoflower strain. Some of the highest-yielding autoflowers are GG4,  Bruce Banner, and Girl Scout Cookies. These three stains are all legends in their own right, and you can pick them up in a super mix at a really great deal.

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Autoflowering seeds with high yields have changed the cultivation game in many ways, even opening it up to many that were never players before, who now have the opportunity to cultivate some of the highest-yielding autoflower strains themselves. Since autoflower seeds are so easily accessible, getting into the game yourself has never been simpler. Head on over to our store to find everything you need to know to get started. 

Happy Growing.