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Georgia Cannabis Seeds

Georgia Cannabis Seeds

The best marijuana seeds for Georgia

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Georgia Cannabis Seeds

In Georgia, a seed bank is impossible to find, so you will have to take your business to the World Wide Web. Luckily for those of you in Georgia, a seed bank online like ILGM can be both reputable and well-established and will discreetly send top-quality seeds in stealthy packaging. Even in a state like Georgia, seed bank shipping can be reliable and speedy.

Georgia Marijuana Seeds


Choosing where you buy your cannabis seeds online is very important in this state. For residents in Georgia, seed bank shipping is everything, namely because it guarantees you won’t waste money on marijuana seeds that won’t make it to your doorstep. More importantly, you will be getting Georgia cannabis seeds that you can rest assured will grow well.

Because of a wealth of experience and stealth shipping methods, online cannabis seedbanks like ILGM are safer than ever to order in Georgia. Buying seeds online is far better than just using whatever cannabis seeds you find in a bag of weed -- also known as “bag seeds” -- and you have no idea what you'll end up with.

When growing marijuana seeds, quality is everything. You want to know what you’re growing. That means details such as the cannabis seed genetics and the preferences of that specific strain. You need to consider whether that cannabis seed will sprout in the first place. We’re talking about germination. Poor quality marijuana seeds will not germinate, and they may even have health issues throughout their entire life cycles. 

Any Georgia cannabis grower who has grown at least once will tell you how important cannabis seed quality and genetics are. Because you have no access to seedbanks within Georgia, you have to turn your sights online for the good stuff. Luckily, online seed banks have massive lists of all different types of cannabis seeds, and some do a better job of sourcing their marijuana seeds for sale.

At ILGM, we offer a germination guarantee on all of our cannabis seeds for sale. This means that, if for some reason, one of your cannabis seeds does not germinate, you’ll get a replacement for free. We’re confident in the marijuana seeds we sell; that’s why we can offer this. 

Risking your harvest on low quality cannabis seeds can be a devastating experience. Low-quality seeds are often very difficult to grow if they germinate at all. Even if you get them to germinate, trying to coax them into having a healthy life and eventually a strong yield is a nightmarish experience. You are far better off if you buy marijuana seeds from an online cannabis seed bank that you know you can trust.

Buying Pot Seeds in Georgia: What You Should Consider 

There are several cannabis seed aspects to consider when you’re looking for marijuana seeds for sale. However, shopping around for the perfect weed seeds doesn't need to be hard. If you are looking to grow pot seeds in Georgia, you will most likely want to choose cannabis seeds that work well in your local climate.

Although we recommend growing your cannabis seeds indoors, some people insist on keeping their plants outdoors or practice guerilla growing. If this is you, you will definitely want to consider what climate your weed seeds thrive best in. Besides that, your expertise and choice of seed bank are also essential to consider before purchasing Georgia cannabis seeds.


Whether you aim to grow something like the best auto seeds in Georgia or just something simple, the climate will always be a factor. Different seeds perform better in different types of climates. In Georgia, you’re going to want something that does well with the sweltering heat and humidity. Of course, this also largely depends on where exactly in Georgia you are located. 

Georgia has different planting zones. As a rule, the southern portion of Georgia, such as Savannah, is much warmer than northern cities such as Atlanta. The minimum average temperature of the southern two-thirds, which has a planting zone of 8b, is 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The minimum average temperature of the northern third, with a planting zone of 7a, is 0 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. That makes for quite a large difference, so pay close attention when researching marijuana seeds in Georgia.

You want to buy cannabis seeds for your climate if you plan to cultivate your cannabis outdoors. Also, keep in mind that you can always grow indoors year-round. This would mean you may have a different set of ideal traits than what you'd want in a cannabis plant kept outdoors.

As you begin your search for the perfect seeds, start by taking a look at Blueberry Autoflower. Autos are a good choice for growing outdoors in the Peach State because they have shorter growing seasons and are fast-flowering. Blueberry Autoflower, like other auto strains, is a compact plant that stays small. This strain in particular is ideal for beginners because it is hardy enough to leave lots of room for error. It’s also a Cannabis Cup winner, which means you could produce amazing effects.


Many new growers forget about their expertise level when searching for seeds online, and we’re here to tell you that it’s a significant thing to remember. If you do not see “beginner-friendly” or something similar in the strain-description, then most likely, it is a bit too difficult for you. Even if you do all the preparations possible in advance -- including reading The Free Marijuana Grow Bible -- nothing beats the experience of actually growing the marijuana plants yourself to gain real-life experience. 

Seed Bank  

The seed bank you buy from is also extremely important. A seed description can sound wonderful; however, anyone with a website can write one. Only reputable, top-rated seed banks can guarantee seed quality and delivery. You want high-quality marijuana seeds. Look for a seedbank that has a large selection and useful descriptions of every seed before you put products in the cart. It also helps if they provide support on how to grow it.  ILGM has all of these things, plus 25 years of experience, so you can rest assured you’ll receive reliable seeds. 

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in Georgia  

Whether you are looking to grow the best feminized seeds in Georgia, the best auto seeds in Georgia, or some other marijuana seed option in the Peach State, a well-established online seed bank will be your best bet. Choose one with many options, a lot of positive reviews, and a lot of experience. Especially for growers in Georgia, a seed bank online should also specialize in stealthy shipping. 

You know a seedbank is reliable when it guarantees its shipping and/or its seeds. We want you to have success with our cannabis seeds. That's why we will send you brand-new seeds if any of yours don’t germinate for any reason. We also do the same for our shipping. Some of the best marijuana seeds in the world are at ILGM, and we want you to experience them. 

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Georgia 

Now that you know what to consider when hunting for the perfect seeds don’t forget to look at these cannabis strains. Here are the top five cannabis seeds in Georgia. They range from the best feminized seeds in Georgia to dependable autoflowers and other popular beginner-friendly strains. Check out these five options if you’re unsure where to start, and then branch out to different varieties as you get the hang of it.

Gorilla Glue Seeds 

Gorilla Glue is a feminized strain that grows tall yet remains beginner-friendly when kept indoors. If you want a faster-growing variety,  try Gorilla Glue Autoflower. This hybrid strain has exactly 50/50 indica and sativa genes and is beloved for its potency. THC levels can reach 26% and pack a powerful punch. This heavy-hitter is best enjoyed at night.

Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream is our most popular sativa-dominant strain, with 80% sativa genes and 20% indica genes. Its auto flowering version includes ruderalis genetics, which also makes it small, compact, and reaches its harvest fast. These seeds are perfect for discreetly growing indoors because it stays small (and therefore less noticeable). It also flowers quite fast at only 8-10 weeks.

Durban Poison Seeds

Take heed if you decide to plant Durban Poison seeds outdoors -- these monstrous plants will get extremely tall. For this reason, we recommend growing this one indoors so you can keep it under wraps despite its huge size. It has a fast flowering time of only 8 weeks and is one of few 100% sativa landrace strains. People enjoy Durban Poison for its generous THC levels (20%) and its mood-boosting capabilities. 

Hindu Kush Seeds

Hindu Kush is a 100% indica strain that is known for its easy-growing properties. In Georgia, it's best to keep this one indoors, which isn't hard, because it doesn't get too tall. It has moderate THC levels, at about 18%, leaving you relaxed and easygoing, unlike heavy-hitting indicas that will leave you stuck on the couch. It flowers fast, at about 8 weeks total.

White Widow Seeds 

Everybody loves White Widow -- it is one of the most popular recreational strains in the USA and worldwide. This 60% indica, 40% sativa hybrid can be found on every Amsterdam coffee shop menu. It has THC levels of 19%, which means it isn’t so potent that it will knock you out. Better yet, this strain is beginner-friendly and produces an ample yield at the end of the season.

White Widow's euphoric effects will only increase when you’re celebrating your successful harvest! ILGM carries multiple versions of White Widow, including an auto flowering (which works best for outdoor grows because of its shorter stature and short flowering time) and CBD option.