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Iowa Cannabis Seeds

The best marijuana seeds for Iowa

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13 Items

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Iowa Seed Bank 

Iowa is an ideal place to grow marijuana. The state is humid with varied weather throughout the year, including cold winters and hot summers. Iowa’s climate is excellent for the cabbage species of vegetables, including broccoli and Brussel sprouts.

If you live in Iowa and are on the market for marijuana seeds, you will have a tough time finding them. Iowa residents certainly can’t simply walk down the street to your nearest Iowa seed bank, so you will have to turn elsewhere to get your pot seeds in Iowa. For that reason, the best place to look for Iowa cannabis seeds is the world wide web. For those seeking cannabis seeds in Iowa, a seed bank online makes everything possible. You have access to the world’s best weed seeds, and can order them discreetly and grow them yourself! 

Iowa Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seeds in Iowa are considered novelty items which makes purchasing high-quality cannabis seeds online easy. You'll want the best cannabis seeds when cultivating marijuana. If you start with low-quality weed seeds, you may never reach harvest. When purchasing cannabis seeds in Iowa, having your entire garden fail can be a huge disappointment. 

It might seem difficult to find high-quality marijuana seeds in a state with no dispensaries, but as long as you turn your sights to the World Wide Web, where you can find anything you like -- meaning you could soon be germinating the best auto seeds in Iowa, if that is what you’re looking for. You could even start with something more simple, such as the best feminized seeds in Iowa. All this and more is possible when you buy marijuana seeds in Iowa from your computer or phone.

One of the great things about ordering from an internet-based seed bank is shipping. It might sound like something you should be concerned about rather than appreciative of, but really online cannabis seed banks like ILGM have perfected their discreet shipping methods to the point where they are essentially experts. They discreetly ship to any US address. In fact, it never looks like there are any weed seeds at all in the package. 

In terms of quality, the seed bank you choose can make a very big difference in what your harvest looks like. Marijuana seeds from ILGM, for example, have a germination guarantee. That means that, if any of your precious weed seeds don’t germinate, simply let us know to receive a replacement. We value the quality of our cannabis seeds -- and so should you!

When you purchase bad marijuana seeds, your efforts will be a challenge regardless of whether or not you have experience. A lot of times, people don't even realize it's the seed's fault. it is hard to determine when the marijuana seed itself is the issue. This causes many growers to assume they did something wrong, or that something is wrong with the plant. 

Any marijuana seed with a high chance of issues while growing is a bad seed. Pale and flimsy cannabis seeds are good examples of this. You may have some old marijuana seeds laying around and figured, why not use these? This would be a good idea except cannabis seeds have a lower chance of germinating the older they get or could take too long to germinate.  It doesn’t mean old seeds never sprout; it’s just a gamble.

Growers also need to know how to recognize male or hermaphrodite plants. These types of cannabis plants will not produce marijuana. To make sure all your plants are female, begin with quality feminized Iowa cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank like ILGM. 

Buying Pot Seeds in Iowa: What You Should Consider

When looking at all the cannabis seeds for sale online, it can get a little confusing and difficult to determine which marijuana seeds are best for you. Whether you want to cultivate the best auto seeds in Iowa or something simpler and easier for first-timers, you should consider a few things. These factors include the climate (especially with outdoor gardens), your experience, and the seed bank you buy marijuana seeds from. Let’s take a look at the most important considerations when choosing your cannabis seeds.


The weather in Iowa is known for being intensely cold during the winter months, and the summer season can be rather short. Additionally, the summer season is hot and humid, true to form in a humid continental climate. The climate matters because you need to select marijuana seeds for sale that will thrive in your particular climate. If you don’t, the final result will be disappointing, to say the least.

For many people, keeping cannabis plants indoors is the best option. Indoors (or in a greenhouse), you will have complete control over the climate and lighting (which means you can cultivate marijuana year-round rather than only during the short summer months).  You will also keep your plants safer from prying eyes. 

One strain to consider growing in Iowa is Wedding Cake. Wedding Cake genetics thrive under most conditions and works very well either in the continental climate of Iowa or indoors. It is very resistant to disease, pests, and external stressors from the environment or weather changes. If you pick this strain, you might find yourself growing the best feminized seeds in Iowa!


Many growers forget to think about their skillset when they buy cannabis seeds for their garden. For growers in Iowa, a seed bank online will list not only the effects of a given strain and its ideal climate it also indicates its difficulty level.

If you have grown marijuana only once or twice, or never at all, buy cannabis seeds that are “beginner-friendly” or “easy.” There is no point in growing top-notch cannabis seeds if you don’t have the chops to do it properly. Still, there are a few steps you can take as a beginner to improve your craft. We suggest reading the free Marijuana Grow Bible to learn the ins and outs of cannabis cultivation.

Seed Bank 

It doesn’t matter how much research and time you put into growing cannabis seeds if you aren’t getting them from a reliable source. One of the most important aspects of selecting quality seeds is choosing a reliable seedbank. The best seedbanks supply the best seeds, rated high buy growers, so it is worth sticking with a tried and true seedbank that has years of experience and success to show.

ILGM has an amazing track record and tons of great seeds to choose from, as well as reliable shipping. And for growers in Iowa, the seed bank shipping is of particular importance.

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in Iowa

In Iowa, a seed bank like ILGM is your best bet. Not only do they have a massive selection of seeds to choose from, but they also have decades of experience to prove their worth. You can absolutely rely on them to deliver seeds discreetly to your doorstep. Better yet, you’ll know those seeds will have the highest quality. Plus, with ILGM, if your cannabis seeds do not germinate for any reason, ILGM sends new seeds for free. That’s how much they trust their own product.

You can easily peruse different types of seeds by category, name, or climate. Each description includes directions for growing, the level of difficulty, its ideal climate, its effects, and so on. Below, in the comments section, people leave their ratings and experiences with that specific strain, so you can examine people’s actual results before ordering. If you are looking for cannabis seeds in Iowa, buy seeds from ILGM

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Iowa

Below is a list of the best strains for Iowa growers in terms of popularity. Many of these are autoflowering strains, meaning they have shorter growing seasons and do not rely on sunlight for transitioning into the flowering stage. Others are ideal for beginners and do well in a continental environment or are best grown indoors. Each one includes a short description of its best characteristics. This list should help you get started on your search for the perfect cannabis strains.

Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream is a (blue) dream to grow because it is easy and beginner-friendly. It works best indoors when growing marijuana in Iowa. However,  the autoflowering version is easy to keep in smaller spaces due to its smaller stature and shorter flowering time. The Blue Dream strain is 80% sativa and 20% indica, with THC levels of up to 21%.

Durban Poison Seeds

Durban poison also works best indoors, especially in a climate like Iowa’s. Additionally, you’ll want to utilize a hydroponics setup. Unfortunately, we do not recommend hydroponics for beginners.

Durban Poison is a 100% sativa landrace descendant with THC levels up to 20%. It is terrific at boosting mood and focus. Each puff delivers grapefruit scents, leaving you in a better mood until you’re feeling happy and social.

Hindu Kush Seeds

Hindu Kush is likely on this list because its cultivation is so easy. Also, these female seeds have 100% indica genes. That makes Hindu Kush the perfect option if you’re looking for a potent indica plant for beginners.

Hindu Kush does best with warm, dry, sunny environments, which means it isn’t great for Iowa’s humid summers -- so it’s best to keep this strain indoors. Hindu Kush has 18% THC, leaving you with a subtle calming feeling to relax your mind and ease your aching muscles.

White Widow Seeds

Almost anyone familiar with marijuana has heard about White Widow -- either in terms of growing or simply enjoying. White Widow is popular for many reasons. First, it’s on all the menus of Amsterdam coffeeshops. Second, it’s one of the easiest strains to cultivate. Third, it has consistently high yields. Fourth, its high is easy going and enjoyable to almost anyone. If we’re honest, there are tons of other reasons to love White Widow, but we’ll stop there. 

Because White Widow is well established, there are different varieties to choose from. There is the regular feminized version, which is photoperiod, and a high CBD strain. Iowa growers may be most interested in the autoflowering version, as it is fast flowering, hearty, and the plants are more compact than other varieties of White Widow.

Gorilla Glue Seeds

Last but not least is the Gorilla Glue strain. This hybrid is a perfect balance between indica and sativa -- 50% of each. Its effects are also well-balanced between uplifting and relaxing. Gorilla Glue comes in both feminized and autoflowering options, although both prefer warm, dry environments and consistent weather patterns. This does not describe Iowa’s weather. However, these seeds are great indoors.

Indoors, many Iowa growers would prefer the autoflower variety. It delivers a faster harvest and is also quite easy for beginners.

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