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Maryland Cannabis Seeds

Maryland Cannabis Seeds

The best marijuana seeds for Maryland

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    Marijuana Grow Kit - White Widow
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About Maryland Cannabis Seeds

If you crave variety, you should grow your own marijuana plants. However, you will need marijuana seeds to do that. Although it's as simple as wanting to know what you’re consuming, finding cannabis seeds in Maryland can be a challenge. Luckily for growers in Maryland, a seed bank online will always be ready to deliver high-quality marijuana seeds directly to your door.

Maryland Marijuana Seeds 

If you are wondering how you can find marijuana seeds in Maryland for your little garden, there’s no need to worry, simply have your seeds shipped.

Online seed banks have a vast selection and will ship to all over the world, especially if they are a well-established seed bank like ILGM. For growers in Maryland, seed bank shipping is generally reliable and stealthy, making it a great, safe choice to start a wonderful growing season.

Whether you are hoping to find the best feminized seeds in Maryland or just something simple, you will need to consider the quality of the marijuana seeds you purchase. Unfortunately, low-quality marijuana seeds are all too easy to find. One of the most popular sources of poor-performing cannabis seeds are those you find in your bag of weed (known as “bag seeds”). Some people even try growing these cannabis seeds. These weed seeds are not worth your time. 

Others buy from unreliable cannabis seed banks. This is also risky since your seed’s quality is critical to the quality of your plant. Since we recommend growing only one plant at a time in Maryland, this is even more important. Don’t waste your time and money on inferior weed seeds that might totally disappoint.

Instead, opt for high-quality marijuana seeds from sources such as ILGM. In addition to great weed seeds, you’ll also score a germination guarantee. That means, if your marijuana seeds don’t germinate for some reason, they will send you replacement seeds for free. This can be very useful if you are risking it all on one seed. It also shows that the seed bank is truly confident in its cannabis seeds. Trust us, don’t waste your time on inferior marijuana seeds that are just going to be risky and high maintenance with minimal payoff.

Buying Pot Seeds in Maryland: What You Should Consider 

In addition to sticking to high-caliber marijuana seeds, there are a few other factors to consider when choosing cannabis strains for cultivation. This applies to all marijuana seeds, whether you’re going for the best auto seeds in Maryland or just any seed that will grow. In the following paragraphs, we lay out the three most important factors to consider when you’re shopping for cannabis seeds for sale online. 

The first factor, climate, matters the most if you are growing outdoors. Every plant has its ideal climate, and paying attention to these details can make a huge difference in how well the plant grows. Secondly, expertise. How experienced are you at growing cannabis? Is this your first time? You’ll need to be honest with yourself because you only have yourself to impress. Third, what seed bank are you buying from? Is it reliable? Reliable marijuana seeds come from reliable marijuana seed banks.


Marijuana seeds that grow well in your climate will turn into happy, healthy plants that produce lots of buds. Marijuana seeds meant for another climate but grown in your environment will not thrive, and their yield will prove that. In summary, it’s important to buy marijuana seeds that will do well in your specific climate. When you buy marijuana seeds online, this is usually found in the seed description. On ILGM, for example, we include a complete description of the strain and the type of conditions that are ideal for it. Of course, if you’re growing marijuana seeds in Maryland indoors, the climate is less important, and you can plant your marijuana seeds year-round.

The climate in Maryland is continental (in the west) or humid subtropical (in the east) Areas around Baltimore will have plenty of moisture and very warm summers. Pay attention to what part of the state you live in, and choose seeds designed for that particular climate. On ILGM you can sort by the type of climate to see a list of different possible strains that grow well in that climate.

To get your search started, check out the Gelato Autoflower strain. These seeds are low maintenance and easy to grow, and they work well both indoors or in the Maryland climate. Because they are autoflowers, they will be fast flowering and compact in size, which can be useful in tight indoor spaces or if you’re trying to stay discrete. If you choose this strain, you may end up with the best auto seeds in Maryland! 


The second most important factor to consider when you buy marijuana seeds is your expertise. This is not the time for arrogance -- be honest with yourself. Are you a beginner? Then buy marijuana seeds that say “easy to grow marijuana” or “beginner friendly” in their description. Avoid buying the more difficult marijuana seeds for sale, even if they are the best feminized seeds in Maryland. Your yield will be much better if you grow easy seeds really well than if you grow top-notch difficult seeds poorly. To hone your skills, read the Free Marijuana Grow Bible.

Seed Bank  

Finally, the seed bank you buy cannabis seeds from is critical in terms of how reliable your seeds will be. Simply put, reliable seeds come from reliable sources. For growers in Maryland, a seed bank online with lots of experience and trustworthiness will be very important. ILGM, for example, has more than 20 years of experience and tons of reviews to show for it, so you know it will be a reliable source for high-quality seeds.

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in Maryland 

As we already mentioned, ILGM is probably your best bet for buying high-quality seeds for growing marijuana. It's important to remember that, in Maryland, seed bank shipping is essential. Not only are your seeds shipped directly, ILGM also does a great job of shipping seeds stealthily.

ILGM ships to the United States and Australia and has done so for decades. It also has a huge selection of seeds, all of which you can rest assured are of the highest quality. People trust ILGM; check the internet and see!. 

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Maryland 

Now that you know how to buy marijuana seeds, you might be feeling overwhelmed. There are a lot of options!  To simplify your search, we have come up with a list of the five top-selling cannabis seeds in Maryland. These seeds range from indicas to sativas and are autoflowers or regular, feminized seeds. We describe a few of the details of each of the strains so you can have a strong starting point to start your seed search.

Blue Dream Seeds 

Blue Dream will do well in an indoor space, but it will also thrive outdoors in certain parts of Maryland. It is not a good beginner strain for growing outdoors because it is susceptible to pests like red spider mites. Maryland’s humid growing climate also does nothing to help keep away molds, mildews, and other diseases. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid (80%/20%) that makes people feel relaxed and euphoric.

Durban Poison Seeds 

Durban Poison is a feminized strain best known for its sativa genes since it is a 100% landrace descendent. It has strong THC levels of around 20% and does a great job of boosting mood and focus. It grows best indoors for those in Maryland, but we recommend a hydroponics setup. In case you aren’t already aware, hydro grows are not recommended for beginners.

Hindu Kush Seeds 

Hindu Kush seeds are ideal for warm, dry environments. If you’re living in Maryland, you already know this does not describe the Maryland climate. For that reason, grow these feminized marijuana seeds in an indoor setting.  

Hindu Kush is a 100% indica strain with THC levels of up to 18%. It makes you feel super relaxed and mellow. Hindu Kush is an excellent strain for beginners, even if they are growing in smaller spaces. If you’re looking for an indica-dominant strain to start with, Hindu Kush is a good choice for you.

White Widow Seeds 

White Widow comes in multiple versions (such as autoflowering, high CBD, and regular feminized), partly because it is one of the most popular hybrid strains worldwide.  

This strain is not only easy to grow, but it also is easy to smoke! There are many versions of White Widow seeds, and they will all grow well either indoors or outdoors. This is because White Widow female plants are highly disease resistant, making growing them easier than other easy-to-grow strains. White Widow is a balanced hybrid of 60% indica and 40% sativa with THC levels of up to 19%.

Gorilla Glue Seeds 

Gorilla Glue is a super potent plant with generous yields. The autoflowering version combines ruderalis genes that keep the plants small and compact and shortens the flowering time. When you harvest this potent strain, you will be impressed with its THC levels at a whopping 26%. Gorilla Glue plants are highly resistant to mold, making them a good choice for Maryland’s more humid environment and, therefore, suitable for beginners. It will also do well indoors.