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Wisconsin Cannabis Seeds

The best marijuana seeds for Wisconsin

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Wisconsin Seed Bank

Cannabis is a relatively adaptable plant that can grow both indoors and outdoors, and when growing indoors under the right circumstances, you can yield a lot of marijuana. That’s why, with some understanding of the botanical landscape of Wisconsin, you will see why growing cannabis in the state of Wisconsin is often an indoor activity.

Wisconsin has a humid continental climate, with summers ranging from warm to extremely hot depending on the region. Many cannabis seed strains prefer moderate temperatures and low humidity. Although the humidity can be challenging, there is much potential for growing weed in this state.

With its humid continental climate, the ecosystems surrounding Wisconsin support numerous varieties of native plants. Much native vegetation covers the state’s grounds, some of which make beautiful landscapes, including Pitch Pine, Red Oak, Cardinal Flower, Monkey Flower, and Fragrant Water Lily.

Wisconsin Marijuana Seeds

There are a few ways to acquire Marijuana seeds in Wisconsin, such as getting them from a friend or another plant. But the safest and most reliable way is through a seed bank online. That’s because you will find the most variety online. With so many strains to choose from, you can browse for hours until you settle on your picks. Once you buy marijuana seeds, enjoy  Wisconsin seed bank shipping directly to your doorstep. 

Purchasing from a seed bank lowers your chances of receiving bad-quality cannabis seeds. Low-quality seeds are harder to germinate and may never thrive. While free seeds might seem like a value, you might end up with poor results that don’t fit your needs.

As a grower, it is vital to be able to distinguish good cannabis seeds from bad ones. Beat-up weed seeds may not germinate as well, nor will cannabis seeds stored under poor conditions. So if the shell seems busted or broken, its contents may be compromised and damaged.

Storage is one of the most important factors for healthy marijuana seeds. You should be concerned not only about the condition of the cannabis seed, but also its age. Older marijuana seeds are less likely to germinate successfully. Although cannabis seeds stay viable for a long time, their health levels decrease over time—the fresher the weed seeds, the better the yields. 

If you have bag seeds, ones you found in your regular bag of weed, you may be considering planting them. Here is the good news: bag marijuana seeds are incredibly random. They may sprout, but there is no way of telling whether or not they will amount to anything, even if they come from a great bag of weed. That’s because, without the professional help of breeders in seed banks who make sure any strain’s best traits are preserved and passed down to its seeds, there is a slim chance you will be getting a plant like its parent from those seeds. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try. Many expert growers have reported great success with bag marijuana seeds. So take your chances and see what happens.

You should also try and know the sex of your cannabis seeds. Female plants are the only type of cannabis to generate the buds that you want. Male plants, along with hermaphrodites that have both male and female organs, will only generate pollen sacs and pollinate the females you have. If your goal is marijuana, you’ll need to identify any non-female cannabis early on and toss them out before they start the pollination process. If they pollinate your females,  you risk losing all that rich THC content in your buds. When you buy marijuana seeds from a Wisconsin seed bank online, you can purchase feminized seeds- cannabis seeds that are guaranteed to become females - and not worry about it. 

Buying Pot Seeds in Wisconsin: What You Should Consider

If you are looking to buy some cannabis seeds in Wisconsin, there are few things to keep in mind. Many people make the mistake of looking for cannabis seeds for sale in the strains they love without knowing all the facts. Factoring in the environment you can provide, as well as your expertise, will make or break your cultivation experience. There’s also the factor of where you buy cannabis seeds and the reliability of that source. Here’s what you need to consider when buying cannabis seeds in Wisconsin.


Although you can cultivate marijuana inside year-round, you’ll need to know the state’s weather conditions if you plan to grow outdoors. Wisconsin has a humid continental climate; that means warm to hot summers and cold to snowy winters. While it may seem intense for some marijuana strains, there are many strains to choose from, and some of them thrive in Wisconsin’s outdoor climate. Some strains that love the humid weather are OG Kush seeds, Gelato seeds, and Purple Haze seeds. 

A great strain for Wisconsin growers is the Gold Leaf Autoflower. These autoflowering marijuana seeds are possibly the best auto seeds in Wisconsin. They don’t mind being grown indoors or even outdoors in Wisconsin’s climate. Plus, as an autoflower, they are easy to cultivate indoors since they can flower on their own regardless of the light provided. Gold Leaf Autoflower is extremely easy to grow, even for beginners.


Your experience level when it comes to growing marijuana seeds in Wisconsin is also important. Some weed seeds are more challenging to grow than others, so by knowing your level of expertise, you can judge which ones work for you and which ones need a little more time and experience. For example, a beginner should not buy cannabis seeds that require a hydroponics environment; however, they may do well with autoflowering marijuana seeds.

If you are new to marijuana growing, learning by reading books on how to grow pot seeds in Wisconsin is a great way to prepare. Start by downloading our free Marijuana Grow Bible. It has a ton of information on growing pot seeds in Wisconsin, including how to protect them against pests and bugs, avoid some of the common mistakes beginners make and yield the most buds.  

Seed Bank

Did you know that the success of your harvest often comes down to where you buy marijuana seeds? Yep, where you purchase your cannabis seeds affects their quality, which also impacts their likeliness of growing. A Wisconsin seed bank, not weed seeds you’ve found, is the best place to buy cannabis seeds. Seed banks dedicate their entire operation to preserving the highest quality marijuana seeds for sale. Through meticulous work, they offer marijuana seeds in Wisconsin that contain their strain’s best traits. One of the best Wisconsin seed banks is ILGM because we ship the best selection of marijuana seeds online directly to Wisconsin. 

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in Wisconsin?

If you are looking for the best feminized seeds in Wisconsin, ILGM has got you covered. With a large collection of top-rated cannabis seeds for sale, combined with U.S. shipping to any state, including Wisconsin. ILGM has everything you need for a fantastic indoor cannabis garden. Browse carefully curated kits that include cannabis seeds and nutrients, or choose your favorite weed seeds. ILGM has pretty much everything you need to grow marijuana at home.

ILGM specializes in the best marijuana seeds, but it also provides information about those seeds online. Browse the online store for detailed information about each strain, tips on growing a variety of marijuana strains, and help from other growers in the forum. With all of the information on this site, it’s easy to decide which cannabis seeds fit your needs and which don’t. The best part is you can get Wisconsin seed bank shipping of your chosen seeds shipped directly to your door — guaranteed.

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Wisconsin

If you are ready to grow marijuana in Wisconsin, you’ll need to decide what you’d like to grow. Then you need to find a reliable source for buying marijuana seeds. Here are some of our customers' favorite strains to help you out with both of these tasks. You’ll want to grow these strains in a controlled- indoor environment due to Wisconsin’s humidity, but many of them are incredibly easy to grow.  Keep reading to learn more about our top 5 cannabis strains!

Blue Dream Seeds

This gorgeous cannabis plant is a great strain to enjoy in your home or in a greenhouse. We recommend the autoflowering version because it is the easiest to grow, stays small, and flowers in only 9 to 10 weeks. 

Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid with beautiful blue leaves and gentile indica effects. Achieve generous yields from this 80% Sativa and high THC that can reach 24% in concentration. This extreme THC level provides a long-lasting, mellow experience to keep you active yet relaxed during the day.  

Durban Poison Seeds

Durban Poison seeds require a more seasoned grower since they need a specific environment to grow into healthy and strong plants. They are easy growing outdoors - if you can replicate the atmosphere of South Africa. In Wisconsin, you’ll need to grow these feminized seeds in a controlled indoor setting, ideally with hydroponics. 

If you have experience growing marijuana, this strain can be a great addition to your collection. This strain is a grower favorite because it is a 100% landrace  Sativa that boosts focus, stimulates creativity, and improves moods. Its unique flavor and aroma combine sweet and fruity with skunky and citrusy.

Hindu Kush Seeds 

Germinate and keep Hindu Kush seeds inside since they prefer a warm and dry environment. Although they can handle some humidity, it is best to grow them in dry conditions. Hindu Kush plants do well in extreme environments, but they aren’t a fan of moisture. 

As an indoor plant, Hindu Kush seeds grow into short, dense, and bushy plants that don't take up much room while still generating massive yields. You can expect 14 to 17 oz per 3x3 ft of 100% Indica. Its 18% THC levels are incredibly relaxing and calming - perfect for those needing a restful night of sleep. 

White Widow Seeds 

White Widow seeds are an effortless experience for beginners and experts alike. You should grow these seeds indoors due to Wisconsin’s humidity, and the autoflowering version is the best option. Autoflowering seeds bloom beautiful buds in no time while remaining compact plants. They are perfect for growing inside with plenty of sunlight. 

White Widow comes in many varieties including a high CBD version. is an especially beginner-friendly strain because it is highly pest and disease resistant. The hybrid strain (60% Indica/ 40% Sativa) has noticeable THC levels that can reach 19%. Around the world, people love the effects of White Widow effects. This hybrid delivers a euphoric experience that is perfect for social settings.  

Gorilla Glue Seeds 

One of the best auto seeds in Wisconsin is this perfectly balanced Gorilla Glue. The hybrid strain earned this honor not only because of its simplicity when cultivating, but also because it delivers reliable yields and very high THC levels. (Expert growers can reach 26%.) You can grow Gorilla Glue seeds indoors in Wisconsin and enjoy a very potent harvest after only eight weeks. 

We highly recommend the auto flowering version of this strain when growing an indoor cannabis garden. This is because the regular feminized seed option grows into Gorilla sized plants. The auto flowering option is much smaller and easier to manage.  Gorilla Glue plants have high resistance to diseases and need minimal care to thrive.

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