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Minnesota cannabis seeds

The best marijuana seeds for Minnesota

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Minnesota Seed Bank  

If you’re looking for a marijuana-friendly state with cannabis seed banks at your beck and call, you are at a disadvantage. Minnesota, unfortunately, has few options for buying Minnesota cannabis seeds locally. However, internet-based cannabis seed banks are here to save the day! This does not mean Minnesota is a bad place to grow weed. Minnesota has more growing options than most people imagine. What you must keep in mind is: growing marijuana seeds in Minnesota requires discretion. However, finding pot seeds in Minnesota is highly possible on the world wide web.

Winters can be harsh in Minnesota, and growers need to keep this in mind when choosing which seeds to grow and during what season. The climate is quite humid with hot summers, except for the regions near Lake Superior, which also have warmer winter months.

Minnesota is mostly considered zone 4, with some upper regions being zone 3. Radishes, beans, summer squash, and cucumbers are some vegetables that growers can enjoy cultivating in Minnesota. Kale and lettuce usually thrive during the cooler months. When growing marijuana seeds in Minnesota, make sure you research your strain options as well as their ideal environments.

Minnesota Marijuana Seeds 

If you want to buy cannabis seeds in Minnesota, you should look online.  

Online cannabis seedbanks provide some of the best marijuana seeds around. Even for those hoping to get their cannabis seeds delivered to states like Minnesota, seed bank shipping will reliably get you what you need while staying stealthy. ILGM is one of the best marijuana seedbanks, making it a solid place to start.

People in Minnesota buy weed seeds for a variety of reasons.  Finding cannabis seeds in Minnesota is tricky to begin with, but finding high-quality ones is even harder. Why do you need them? Bad quality marijuana seeds struggle to grow well and may never germinate, period. The unlikeliness of them doing anything is why we never recommend growing bag seeds (seeds found in the weed you get from your local dealer) or those acquired from any unreliable source. 

Bad cannabis seeds may cost you more than you bargained for when growing pot. Knowing how to breed marijuana seeds, so you end up with beautifully feminized, usable seeds is imperative. When you buy marijuana seeds that were not properly cared for, it could lead to slow or no growth at all. Why make your growing journey harder when you can start off right from the beginning? Buy cannabis seeds with good genetics that reward you for your time, money, and energy.

Since walking to your local Minnesota seed bank isn’t available, in Minnesota, seed banks online are the best option for cultivating weed. They make growing simple with readily available tips and tools from reputable breeders.

Carrying top genetics doesn’t necessarily mean you have the best feminized seeds in Minnesota. Instead, it just means that your Minnesota cannabis seeds have solid genetics and are in good condition - regardless of the strain you buy. These types of weed seeds are easy to find if you know where to look. Plenty of internet-based cannabis seedbanks have the experience and inventory that any grower seeks. 

Buying Pot Seeds in Minnesota: What You Should Consider 

When you’re perusing the web for marijuana seeds for sale, there are a few factors to definitely need to consider. In Minnesota, the question of climate is always there, whether you’re doing a random activity or growing plants. When cultivating cannabis plants, consider the weather you can expect outdoors. 

Keep in mind; it is always possible to cultivate your plants indoors, which also means you can grow them during any season. You’ll want to consider your own level of expertise. Beginner growers should buy beginner weed seeds. Now is not the time to be cocky! And finally, where you buy seeds online is ultra important because only reliable seedbanks consistently provide high-quality marijuana seeds.


Unsurprisingly, the climate is one of the main things you should consider when deciding which strain to cultivate. Whether you’re going for the best auto seeds in Minnesota or something else, you’re going to need to keep a keen eye on the strain's climate “preferences”. If you plan to grow outdoors buy seeds that do best in long summers with dry air, you’ll sadly be disappointed. Minnesota has hot summers, but it also has oppressive humidity -- and that won’t sit well with strains that need dry weather or are susceptible to mold. Furthermore, everyone knows that Minnesota has long winters and short summers. This means that strains with longer flowering times are not going to do well here.

Because of these weather conditions, it might be a good idea to keep your marijuana plants indoors. This way, you can cultivate any strains you like, as long as you have the indoor space for it! Whether you will grow indoors or outdoors, Gold Leaf might be a great place to start. This strain is a fast-flowering autoflower strain, and it is also quite compact. This makes it good for indoor cultivation, as you won’t need tons of space for it, and outdoor gardens, since its small stature helps keep it discrete.


We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be honest with yourself about your growing skills and experience when selecting weed seeds. If you are a beginner or even have just a couple of years of experience, you’re probably going to want to begin with beginner marijuana seeds. You will have much better results growing an easy strain well than a hard, high-yielding strain poorly -- not to mention you’ll also have way more fun with it! When buying seeds online from places such as ILGM, you will be able to see the seed's difficulty rating. You can always improve your skills by downloading the Free Marijuana Grow Bible.

Seed Bank  

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, buy weed seeds from a reliable source. It’s best to choose one with a lot of experience behind it and user reviews so you know it is legitimate. Not only will you want to buy marijuana seeds from a cannabis seed bank with high-quality cannabis seeds, but for growers in Minnesota, seed bank shipping is just as important. If the delivery of your expensive cannabis seeds isn't guaranteed, what is the point of ordering them in the first place? Make sure you order from a reliable cannabis seed bank like ILGM to start off strong.

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in Minnesota 

For growers in Minnesota, a seed bank online is the only way to go. Whether you’re looking for the best auto seeds in Minnesota or something simpler than that, you should stick to high-quality, reliable cannabis seeds for sale -- and that can only be achieved through an experienced cannabis seed bank like ILGM.

If you do decide to shop at, you’ll be delighted by the selection and wealth of information on nearly any strain you can imagine. Each comes with a helpful description of its effects, growing advice, and genetic information, so you can get a good sense of what you’re getting into. Plus, there are reviews from growers that rate the seeds for sale and give a true representation of what to expect. This applies to everything, including what could be the best feminized seeds in Minnesota, but also the easiest weed seeds you could ever grow (although they’re far from average).

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Minnesota 

The only downside to having such a wealth of options online for buying marijuana seeds is that deciding which cannabis seeds to buy can be rather difficult. Luckily, we’ve created a list of the five top-selling strains in Minnesota, so you can get a sense of which seeds are solid all around. Most of them are beloved for a reason; they’re great strains that produce great buds! We also describe some of the characteristics of each one so you can quickly breeze through and then click into whichever ones seem more interesting to you.

Blue Dream Seeds 

Blue Dream Autoflower are fast flowering female plants that stays small in size. They do best in a Mediterranean climate, which certainly does not fit Minnesota -- so you’d better grow these indoors. Keeping it indoors works really well,  considering its compact stature. Better yet, you can grow it year-round and get multiple harvests throughout the year!

Blue Dream plants are an 80% sativa/20% indica hybrid with consistently high THC levels of around 21%, as well as high yields (which is even more impressive given the plant’s small size). In terms of effects, Blue Dream chills you out and makes you feel uplifted, but not in too heavy of a way -- making it popular by many.

Durban Poison Seeds 

If you’re an experienced grower who has grown indoors with hydroponics before, Durban Poison might be a good strain to try next. However, it might be a little too tricky for those who have never grown marijuana or never grown with a hydro setup. Because of the Minnesotan climate, growing indoors is your only option, and we recommend hydroponics.  

In summary, skip this one if you’re a beginner. Durban Poison is a 100% sativa landrace strain with high THC levels of around 20%. It will boost your mood and your focus, so get ready to enjoy after harvesting this strain’s buds!

Hindu Kush Seeds 

Hindu Kush plants need to be kept dry and warm, so it is another strain that is awesome but best grown indoors if you’re living in Minnesota. These plants get quite bushy and dense, which is exactly why they need a dry environment rather than Minnesota’s humid summers. However, Hindu Kush is a strong choice if you’re a beginner grower -- just make sure you have a dehumidifier on hand. This 100% indica has THC levels that reach 18%.

White Widow Seeds 

White Widow is great for beginners, partly because they come in all sorts of varieties. Whether you’re looking for a fast-flowering autoflower seeds, a regular feminized strain, or a strain that is high in CBD, there is a White Widow variety for you. 

We recommend the auto strain for indoor cultivation, as they are compact and flower quickly. White Widow gives users an easygoing, fun high, and you’ll find yourself wanting to plant these seeds every season! It is a balanced hybrid of 60% indica and 40% sativa with THC levels of 19%. 

Gorilla Glue Seeds 

Gorilla Glue is another good strain for keeping indoors, and it is super easy to do so. This beginner-friendly strain works well whether you purchased its normal feminized variety or its autoflower version, which will give you more compact plants and a faster harvest. The insanely high THC levels are what set this strain apart, clocking in at a whopping 26%. Gorilla Glue is an even 50/50 hybrid of indica and sativa that’s perfect for any fans of super potent bud.  

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