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North Dakota Seed Bank

Known as the Peace Garden State, South Dakota can be a great place to grow marijuana - if you have the right seeds. Many native plants, such as the Fragrant Sand Verbena, Box Elder, Sugar Maple, and Serviceberry, are native to the region and have thrived for hundreds of years. Carrots, cabbage, radishes, and leeks thrive in this environment, and so can weed. 

This climate hosts hot summers and extremely cold and snowy winters, but spring and autumn are fairly mild. Despite its somewhat difficult climate, this state remains a fertile ground for weed growers. Those who grow in this state prefer to get their cannabis seeds online for the variety, quality, and convenience. A North Dakota seed bank online will sell marijuana seeds that grow in the climate and offer fast and discreet packaging and shipping. 

North Dakota Marijuana Seeds 

It’s hard to find marijuana seeds in North Dakota in the first place. It’s especially challenging to find those that are high quality. You may attempt to grow weed seeds from a friend or plant some cannabis seeds you found in your previous bag of weed, but these free seeds are a toss-up. You may get lucky, but you could end failing miserably. The problem is,  you don’t know the origins of those cannabis seeds nor do you know how well they were stored. If you want marijuana seeds that will grow, you should start with a North Dakota seed bank.

The most convenient option for North Dakota growers is a North Dakota seed bank online. Online sources provide the most options - such as feminized marijuana seeds. You might be wondering why the sex of your cannabis seeds matters,  but it’s surprisingly more important than you could ever imagine. 

Feminized marijuana seeds create female plants, and females are the only ones who produce buds. If you’ve tried cultivating your own marijuana seeds in North Dakota but found that the plant was growing pollen sacs, not buds, you used male cannabis seeds. Sometimes plants become hermaphrodites, both male and female, which gives you both pollen sacs and buds. When you find non-female plants in your garden, you should throw them out.

There are many ways to distinguish between high-quality marijuana seeds that grow and low-quality ones that will only frustrate you. Sometimes the seeds aren’t any good, to begin with. Good quality cannabis seeds are stored correctly, making it easy to keep their shells intact. Most weed seeds passed between friends or found in random places have problems with the seed’s shell. A beat-up cannabis seed will not germinate, let alone grow into a strong and healthy plant. That’s why we recommend that people purchase cannabis seeds from a reliable and trustworthy North Dakota seed bank with experience storing and shipping marijuana seeds. Plus, if they offer North Dakota seed bank shipping, you can buy marijuana seeds and wait for them to show up at your door.

A cannabis seeds’ freshness is another factor to keep in mind. The genetic material inside cannabis seeds dies with time; that’s why fresher marijuana seeds tend to help plants grow stronger and faster. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes people luck out with weed seeds they’ve found lying around. However, you don’t want to leave it to luck when trying to grow cannabis seeds in North Dakota. 

You may be able to find marijuana seeds in the Peace Garden state, but the best option is online. There is nothing more convenient than browsing an enormous variety of marijuana seeds for both indoors or outdoors use. Plus, you’re more likely to receive the best cannabis seeds when you buy them online.

Buying Pot Seeds in North Dakota: What You Should Consider 

Before buying pot seeds in North Dakota, there are a few things to consider, like climate, expertise, and the seed bank. You have to think about the weather - especially if you plan to grow marijuana seeds outdoors. However, you also need to think about your experience as a grower and where you purchased the seeds from. If you don’t think about these things before you grow pot seeds in North Dakota, you may end up with very unsatisfactory results. Before you buy marijuana seeds, think about some of the things that could go wrong. Here are a few things to consider when buying marijuana seeds in North Dakota.


North Dakota is at the continent’s center and features a humid continental climate in its eastern half and a semi-arid one in the western half. Its climate varies.  With hot and humid summers, you need to find strains that like humidity when you grow cannabis seeds in North Dakota outdoors.  You can keep your plants indoors and grow year-round, but it is always helpful to know your options around planting outside. 

If you want to grow outdoors, Blue Cheese is a good strain to try. The autoflowering seeds for this strain are some of the best feminized seeds in North Dakota. You can grow this strain indoors or outdoors; it’s easy to grow, and flowers quickly, making it very beginner-friendly. We recommend it for this state because it has high mold resistance, essential due to North Dakota’s humidity. 


Your experience when it comes to growing cannabis plants is also important. First-timers may have a rough time when faced with common issues related to cultivation. Even though bugs and mold infestations are easy to avoid and overcome, they are still issues everyone should know about before planting their first marijuana seeds. 

Consider your experience before you buy marijuana seeds since some are easier to grow than others. You shouldn’t purchase a high difficulty level strain if you don’t know what you’re doing. A bit of research about the strain can help you recognize common problems and avoid common mistakes. If you need a place to start, try reading the free Marijuana Grow Bible for a wealth of information on growing marijuana.

Seed Bank

Ultimately, the success of your growing process comes down to the origins of your marijuana seeds. Where you buy marijuana seeds affects their quality and their likeliness of growing. Seed banks are a trusted source to buy cannabis seeds because that’s their specialty. An online seed bank works on preserving the genetic material inside weed seeds and enhancing the strain’s best traits. Most seed banks also have quality assurance that makes sure all the seeds for sale are healthy and ready for growing.

ILGM serves as a North Dakota seed bank, shipping the best North Dakota Marijuana seeds directly to to your door. In addition to a large selection of seeds for sale, you'll receive the know-how you need before purchasing, while growing, and during harvesting.  ILGM has strains that cater to your preference, climate, and expertise, so you can always find the perfect marijuana seeds to grow and enjoy. ILGM also sells feminized cannabis seeds, so you can rest assured that your time and effort will not be wasted.

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in North Dakota?

ILGM is your trusted place to buy marijuana seeds online. It has everything you need to grow North Dakota marijuana seeds, from the knowledge to the nutrients. With ILGM experts on your side, you can buy cannabis seeds to match your lifestyle, expertise, and desired effects. ILGM also has the best feminized seeds in North Dakota - ones that you can plant in your garden and get started growing cannabis right away.

ILGM’s collection of weed seeds includes some of best auto seeds in North Dakota. You can browse through more than a dozen different strains with different effects, flavor profiles, and concentrations of THC. Then, place your order in your cart and wait for them to arrive at your doorstep in discreet packaging. 

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in North Dakota 

By now, you realize many strains can be grown indoors, as long as the environment fits their needs. However, some strains are more popular than others. Here are some of our customers’ favorite strains and how to grow them in the North Dakota climate!

Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream is a hybrid strain with 80% Sativa and high THC levels that can reach 21%. Its potent cannabinoids produce a long-lasting, relaxing effect that isn’t physically overpowering. Blue Dream is perfect for social gatherings and has an especially good aroma and flavor.

This beautiful blue plant is a great strain to grow indoors in North Dakota’s climate. The autoflowering version of  Blue Dream flowers quickly and grows into a compact plant that doesn’t take up much space. Auto flowering plants are loved by new growers because they are so easy to grow. 

Durban Poison Seeds

Durban Poison is 100% Sativa! Yep, a landrace descendant. Durban Poison boosts your mood and focus and makes you think creatively and positively. It also boasts a  unique flavor profile that mixes sweet and fruity with skunky and citrusy.

These regular seeds are for a more experienced grower. Durban Poison seeds require a specific environment in order to grow big and strong. You will need to set up a hydroponics setup indoors, which can be challenging but ultimately worth it. These seeds will not do well in North Dakota’s outdoor climate, so it’s better to grow indoors.

Hindu Kush Seeds 

Hindu Kush is a 100% Indica strain that’s super relaxing and calming. Its THC content reaches around 18%, and it gives off an earthy and sweet flavor profile. Hindu Kush is a popular therapeutic strain that’s great at helping people relax or sleep.  

Hindu Kush plants love warm,  dry environments, so they should be grown indoors in North Dakota. These indica plants grow into short, bushy plants during its flowering stage with yields that range between 14 to 17 oz per 3x3 ft.

White Widow Seeds 

The White Widow strain is a well-balanced hybrid feminized seed with THC content levels reaching up to 19%. The high is mellow yet powerful and euphoric. It can boost creativity and conversation- even among the shyest people. 

White Widow is another great choice for beginners; however, you’ll want to stick to growing indoors with this strain due to North Dakota’s humidity. ILGM offers multiple versions of this strain, including high CBD cannabis seeds and auto flowering pot seeds. The auto seeds give this already compact plant the ability to flower indoors without a specialized lighting setup. 

Gorilla Glue Seeds 

Gorilla Glue offers an even blend of Sativa and Indica combined with significant potency. It’s also incredibly easy to grow; however, you should grow Gorilla Glue indoors in North Dakota. Gorilla Glue seeds grow into plants can deliver extreme THC levels reaching up to 26%. The autoflowering version helps deliver faster results in a much smaller plant. Overall, these marijuana seeds are easy to grow and work great for any expertise level.

Gorilla Glue is perfect for a late-night high, as it produces a deeply relaxing high only after first putting a smile on your face.  Its flavor and aroma combine sweet, cheesy, fruity, sour, and earthy.

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