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The best marijuana seeds for Utah

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The best marijuana seeds for Utah

South Dakota Seed Bank  

South Dakota’s climate is temperate and continental, with warm and humid summers and dry, cold winters. As part of the American midwest in the Great Plains region,  South Dakota has four distinct seasons. A typical seasonal climate makes maintaining a garden easy for outdoor growers. If you plan on growing cannabis seeds in South Dakota,  focus on growing in the summer and fall seasons. In late spring and early summer, thunderstorms and tornadoes are frequent. 

Springtime in South Dakota is often extreme with rain, hailstorms, and severe thunderstorms.  By the end of May, the temperature typically reaches over seventy degrees. You’ll need to plan accordingly in this state. It’s best to get your cannabis seeds in the ground before mid-June at the latest.

South Dakota is home to many colorful native plants due to its diverse weather throughout the year. Wild strawberries and raspberries, and the prickly pear cactus are some of the many wide varieties of vegetation that grows here.

South Dakota Marijuana Seeds  

One of the challenges new growers experience is finding decent-quality pot seeds in South Dakota.  Most people buy cannabis seeds online. Buying online is always best because you can access weed seeds for sale from all over the US, giving you a wider variety and the ability to choose the right strain for you and, more importantly, for your soil and climate.

If you search for a South Dakota seed bank online, you might find a few sources that seem legit, so how can you choose between them? Like with most things, you can always rely on other customer reviews. Prioritize companies that have been in the business for a long time. It’s not hard to find a South Dakota seed bank shipping to your location with good customer reviews if you put in some effort. 

Is it that hard to get your hands on good marijuana seeds in South Dakota? No, not at all. The problem is that it’s very tough to spot bad cannabis seeds, even for experienced growers. So what exactly are “bad seeds”? Basically, any seed with problems in germination, growth, and development is considered a bad seed. But growing is a commitment that takes time, effort, and some money, so it’s no good realizing you grew bad weed seeds after the fact.

Your safest bet is buying high-quality marijuana seeds. The next best thing you can do is spotting bad weed seeds before you plant them. Bad cannabis seeds might not grow, and those that do give you a poor yield. So how can you spot them?

As a general rule, physically beat-up weed seeds with a broken or irregular outer shell have a lower chance of germinating. Even if, by any chance, they do germinate, their development is not as progressive or healthy. Damaged cannabis seeds don't grow well and will need more effort. Fortunately, they are not hard to miss; so don’t waste your time on them when you spot them.

An in-tact shell shows that a cannabis seed is well protected from the elements and pests. Flimsy or pale shells are more vulnerable, but they may still grow -  don’t discard them right away. 

Then there are also those weed seeds you occasionally find in your cannabis bag, also known as ‘bag seeds.’ With bag marijuana seeds, you never know what you’re going to end up with, making them quite the gamble. That’s why it’s best to buy marijuana seeds from a South Dakota seed bank. Remember, you need female cannabis seeds to grow marijuana buds, and you never know what you’ll get with bag seeds. Again, female plants produce marijuana. With a seedbank, you can buy feminized seeds and not have to worry about it. A feminized seed guarantees your cannabis will be female.

Buying Pot Seeds in South Dakota: What You Should Consider

Cultivation can be an enjoyable and rewarding activity, especially if it’s growing your favorite plant. Growing marijuana in South Dakota is a delicate process with lots of variables to consider before you start seeing a healthy crop. In other words, the more care you give your plant, the higher the yield you’re likely to get. Care begins the moment you choose your South Dakota cannabis seeds from a reliable South Dakota seed bank until precisely timing your harvests. Here are the main factors to consider when growing cannabis in South Dakota.

Many people prefer indoor-grown marijuana, which is great since many South Dakota growers will need to grow indoors. Indoor cultivation allows you to regulate the temperature, light intensity, number of hours of light, humidity, and watering. Growing indoors is a good plan when buying marijuana seeds in South Dakota. That way, you’ll have less trouble dealing with weather fluctuations or surprisingly cool or wet months.


When choosing your cannabis seeds in South Dakota, always ensure that they match your climatic conditions. When you buy marijuana seeds that don’t adapt well, you will never get the results you are looking for. Also, remember —South Dakota’s growing season peaks in July. Try growing your cannabis seeds in late May and early June, around the time that spring ends. The summer and fall are two great seasons for growing your cannabis outside.

For indoor grows, you can grow all year round. Keep your weed plant well hydrated with organic fertilizer for healthy development. Use ample-sized pots to give germinated cannabis seeds ample space to develop. This also ensures the roots don’t ball up together. When growing indoors, use a sealed grow tent or closet. This will ensure the cannabis remains in a controlled environment. 

Afghan, Gold leaf and Cannatonic are some of the best feminized seeds in South Dakota and are ideal for growing in continental climates. For a great all-around strain, we recommend Zkittlez Autoflower. It can grow indoors or outdoors in South Dakota’s climate.  If you’re a beginner, Zkittiez Autoflower is one of the best auto seeds in South Dakota. It is easy-growing, very low maintenance, resists mold and pests, and flowers quickly and easily.


Growing your own pot seeds in South Dakota requires skill and patience. There are all sorts of strains that need different conditions and have different difficulty levels. Beginners should always choose easy cannabis seeds to grow. ILGM lets you filter by seed type to find a variety of beginner marijuana seeds. As you gain more experience, you can progress to more challenging strains. 

 If you need help getting started,  ILGM provides marijuana-growing advice in a handy ebook that has helped beginners improve their abilities for years. Robert’s free Marijuana Grow Bible covers everything about growing marijuana seeds.

Seed Bank   

Seed quality matters, but so does your seed source.   The best option is to buy marijuana seeds from a seed bank. That way, you’ll get all of the variety and the best cannabis seeds in South Dakota.

However, keep in mind, not every seed bank can get the job done. Reliable seed banks, like ILGM, will supply you with the reliable cannabis seeds you need to get good results. Trustworthy seed banks have customer reviews and make sure that they are up to your standards. ILGM provides reputable South Dakota seed bank shipping to happy customers all across the U.S. ILGM also offers a diverse collection of strains as well as tips on how to care for different kinds of marijuana seeds in different conditions.

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in South Dakota 

It’s a gamble to buy cannabis seeds from unreliable sources. Instead, go through a South Dakota seed bank online. The choice of a real and reliable supplier goes a long way since the success of your harvest depends on your supplier. 

ILGM is a credible cannabis seed supplier in the U.S. with tons of reviews from customers. ILGM ships nationwide and has South Dakota marijuana seeds for sale that meet your environment and strain requirements. If you’re looking for strong genetics, reliable shipping, and consistency, ILGM is your top choice for buying cannabis seeds online. ILGM also helps beginners navigate through the entire process through expert blogs and cultivation guides.

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in South Dakota

When you're ready to buy weed seeds, it can be hard to know where to start. There are thousands of strains to choose from, but we’ve selected 5 of our most popular cannabis seeds for sale, and explain how to best grow them in South Dakota. Browse our selection of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains for every level of grower. 

Blue Dream Seeds 

Blue Dream is an 80% sativa-dominant hybrid strain from California. Its mellow yet potent high is perfect for a daytime smoke and is loved by many. Enjoy moderately high THC levels that will energize you and make you smile.

While Blue Dream cannabis seeds develop into a tall plant outside, the optimal setting for production is inside. Blue Dream cannabis has a very sweet smell, which is great, but it’s also its weakness. Pests tend to prefer weed plants with sweet aromas, so be on the lookout for any signs of infestation.

Durban Poison Seeds 

Durban Poison is a textbook example of pure sativa. This 100% Sativa landrace descendant has THC levels that reach 20%. Most people experience a creative boost and uplifting high that’s perfect for social gatherings. 

In South Dakota, Durban Poison marijuana seeds are best suited indoors. This sativa dominant strain doesn’t need too much effort to grow. In only eight weeks, you can get generous yields of 18 to 21 oz per 3x3 ft. However, when growing it indoors, you’ll need a hydroponics system, which takes a little effort and skill to set up correctly. For that reason, we do not recommend Durban Poison for beginners.   

Hindu Kush Seeds 

Harsh mountainous conditions gave Hindu Kush strong genetics that makes it very easy to grow.  That’s why this strain is known for its resistance to extreme conditions, making Hindu Kush cannabis seeds perfect for beginners. This cannabis bush also doesn’t need much space and is, therefore, ideal for indoor growing. This is a good thing since this indica strain is best grown in a dry and warm climate, which, unfortunately, does not mean outdoors in South Dakota. 

If you’re more inclined towards the relaxing effects of weed, then it doesn’t get any better than Hindu Kush. This pure and resilient Indica strain has an earthy aroma and subtle sweetness.

White Widow Seeds 

Unsure whether you want indica or sativa? Why not a little of both! The hybrid White Widow strain (60% sativa) offers you the best of both worlds, with a clean yet powerful high. Grow these marijuana seeds both indoors or outdoors in South Dakota - just remember to keep the plant dry.  ILGM offers multiple versions of this strain, including a high CBD seeds and an auto flower option that are some of the best auto seeds in South Dakota. 

White Widow is pest-resistant, can adapt to different weather conditions, is compact, and delivers a high-quality yield. The effects are moderate, social, and relaxing. 

Gorilla Glue Seeds 

Gorilla Glue seeds are perfect if you want a low-maintenance autoflower that will blossom all year round. These hybrid marijuana seeds need minimal attention but yield a sizable crop. Gorilla Glue plants like a dry environment, so South Dakota growers should stick to the autoflowering version and keep these plants indoors.  In general, Gorilla Glue seeds are easy to grow because it is very resistant to rot and mold. However, the feminized seeds can grow into massive plants, so unless you are using a greenhouse, choose the autoflowers. 

The strain itself has a nice evenly balanced concentration of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. Not only that, but it also has extreme THC levels that can reach 26%. With an earthy and sweet flavor, this strain relaxes and puts you in a great mood without slowing you down.

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